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    so i have been going to school in diapes (high school) alot now and not one person has noticed yet and the bestist part i brought a stuffy today most people know me as a bit of a odd person and only a few know about me being ab/dl and today i got to bring my paci but i did not bring it out of my pocket but i might be able to bring it out a few other people in school have brought paci's and most people know me as not conforming to gender roles so i might be able to idk what do you think could i? i am not to scared if people do find out because i will graduate soon i get out in may 22 so if people find out i will be gone soon anyway

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    What type of diapers are you wearing to school? What do you do when you have to change your diaper?

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    i wear goodnites to school and i dont wet it in school

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