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Thread: Permanent genital hair removal?

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    Default Permanent genital hair removal?

    I want to get rid of all my genital hair. Some call this a full brazilian. Has anyone tried at home lazer hair removal on the scrotum with good results?

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    For-Get that! Laser hair removal as is is already painful and ineffective, especially with thick and dark hair. Doing this on your private parts will take years if ever. I don't believe it would work at all on pubic hair.
    Even temorary removal by chemicals is not meant to be used on your private parts, although there are of course enough products marketed right for that purpose. I'd never smear that stuff between MY legs.

    Nothing beats good ol wet shaving. Don't you enjoy the time you spend with yourself in the bathtub?

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    I would mostly worry about trying something like that without a professional involved, seems like it could go bad quick.

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    I've shaved the top of my pubic hair before and done my legs and in between too, does chafe a bit when playing sport with no hair in between the legs.

    Does also leave a bit of irritation but that's normal the first time round just like when shaving on your face

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    You got to ask yourself if it's really worth all the money and countless sessions, as I'm aware that it takes more than one session for the hair removal to become permanent.

    My advice to you is to do what I already do, which is, buy a hair clipper and trim or cut the hair on your body as short as you want.

    I find that I only need to do it once a week or two weeks, it's fast if the clipper isn't of bad quality and doesn't hurt or leave red marks. Not only it's more hygienic to have less body hair, it can still look good if you're male as opposed to all out shaving but more important, it helps so much with regression. Being in diapers and seeing you pubic hair or hairy legs and hairy stomach is nothing compared to being in diapers and have none to almost no body hair. It's one of the greatest feelings for me.

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    Shave. Lazers near my privates sounds too futuristic.

    Once you remove all of the hair, shaving becomes a quick process in the shower. I've never spent more than 30 seconds shaving when I am in maintenance mode.

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    i agree with you i dont like my genital hair but do not try it at home and honestly i would not try it with a professional i would look to find a better alternative

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    If you have a high pain threshold epilating is amazing. It's like torture your first time, but it becomes like tweezing after a time or two. Because it pulls them out by the root they come in staggered so it tweezers fewer in subsequent goes through. It's once a week and really smooth. Every personal report I have from people who epilate over a long time speak of heavy thinning, but I haven't been using it long enough or stopped to verify whether or not this is true.

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    Professional laser or electrolysis would be the only permanent options if you find a place willing to do it. I suspect the skin in that area wouldn't be able to handle such harsh treatment. Even a persons face or chest is tougher than that.

    I will probably try the epilator thing for a while. After shaving for a decade the hair is pretty tough. Finally being not stupid and using a womens' razor with the different blade angle is helping a lot though. Haven't had the budget for bunches of razors.

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    If anyone comes up with a permanent solution, please let me know. I would do it. Tired of shaving down there every day.

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