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Thread: I had an experience just yesterday and wondering what you all thought.

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    Default I had an experience just yesterday and wondering what you all thought.

    This is a true story and totally happen to me Tuesday.

    So I have some Diapers on order and they wont be here till Monday. So I figure since I'm out I'll just run over to a local Medical Supply store not to far from work.

    Ok so, I get there and it pretty quiet and I appear to be the only one in there at lunch time. A second later an older lady about 60 comes over and asks if I needed help. There were no bags of diapers on the shelves to look at. So I asked that lady rather shyly trying not to be to embarrassed.

    I'm looking for something for incontinence. She then replied "Your looking for Diapers".

    ok fist question for the group. Should I take that as her being insensitive or has disposable briefs or incontinent underwear been taken off the verbal train for just referring these as Diapers?

    So I was then going to stay professional and rebut. "I'm looking for incontinent briefs for.... and she stopped me there and said,"yeah your looking for diapers... like Pampers... Like Pampers right"

    Ok second question for the group. At this point is she being rude to me or is she trying to let me know that she is ABDL friendly. I just could not get a good read on her intentions here.

    So at this point I'm just going to play along to see what they have and get something or not and get out.

    So I say."yes something like that should be fine." then I say," What brands do you carry". This way she can mention whats available and if nothing sounds good I'll just get out of there.

    so she says,"Why don't you come with me to the back and I'll show you what I have". I'm thinking this is starting to feel like one of those AB forced diaper stories where the kid gets taken into the back room and then is knocked over the head wakes up and is chained to a crib in nothing but a diaper and a baby bottle.

    Ok so mind is racing.. So then I go back and it looks like a dark area and I can not really make out too much but she did have Attends. I was shocked, happily but in medium. So I buy them and she seems pretty nice going through the transaction. Then I get to my car and in the sun light I notice these are fabric outer layer style. I've had rashes in the past from this style of diaper so I turned around and went back in to exchange them.

    I got the ladies attention. I really was scared to even talk to here again as now I have to explain why and how I would know that this type wouldnt work. Because at no time in the conversation did I mention that they were for me. So I got something else and went on my way but it was a weird experience and I would love to know how everyone feels about it.
    Thanks so much... <3

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    You're right the beginning does sound like the beginning of an ABDL story.

    I work in healthcare and we do call diapers diapers. But it depends on the patient. If we have someone who talks about them as incontinence briefs, then we'll take the cue to continue doing so that way because the patient is probably embarrassed. But we will call it a diaper if the patient is ok with that.

    I think the lady in the story called them diapers because she wanted it to be clear what you were buying. A lot of people probably go asking from briefs thinking they are going to get pull ups and get tape ons. Maybe she figured they weren't for you so it'd be less embarrassing calling them diapers.

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    Reminds me of the time i went to a medical supply store to get diapers lol only i think my story is a hell of alot more awkward. So i call the store to see if they have any tena super strech and the lady says yes we do so im like ok cool and head over there, the lady working was in her younger 20's id guess maybe 23/4 any way i walk in and she ask if i need help and i say i just called about the briefs and she goes oh yeah they are over here so she shows me and hands me a case and i buy them and leave. anyway its not untill im about home that i stop in a parking lot to put the diapers in a dufflebag to take into the house just in case anyone is home and i open the pack and i see purple diapers and this is a problem because the purple ones are tena strech not tena super strech (which are green) so i go back to the store and am like them here diapers are the wrong ones and she has to call her boss to do the return because they are at this point opened but they are not use nor are any removed... anyway after talking to her boss they accept the return and i get the ones i want... any way i get home and the things are so freeking big like im talking too big (which is an issue according to online reviews) so i call the store and ask if tehy have any of them in medium and she says yes so i go back and and walk in and she knows it was me who called and so she gets me the diapers and mentions a sale on some other diapers as well so i pick up some abena L4's as well and head out... once at the parking lot putting diapers in my duffle bag do i get the feeling maybe i should get some abena M4's as well so i go back... yet again... and get more diapers... by this time i must have gone back at least 4 times and spent close to 100$ in diapers... im sure she suspected something but i just played it off as if they were for someone else but yeah one hell of an experience... the lady was nice tho so that helped :p

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    It could just be that, like other people mentioned, she was trying to make it clear what you wanted - since various kinds of incontinence undergarments are sold under varying names, it's helpful to clarify that you do actually want adult diapers and not pull-ups or something else.

    On the other hand, it's possible that, working at a medical supply store, she's run into ABDL people before and this was related to that. I remember MakoAllen on (I think) the Big Little Podcast told a story a while ago where he would occasionally call medical suppliers to inquire about their products, always using the word 'diapers' to refer to them. The woman on the other end would politely discuss the products, always using polite euphemisms to refer to them, while Mako continued saying 'diapers'. Eventually, on one call the woman had had enough and blew up - I don't remember exactly what was said, but she made it clear she knew why Mako kept saying 'diapers' and what his interest was, and then said something like 'Okay, diapers, can I help you buy some DIAPERS today sir?' ...In the story Mako was understandably embarrassed but that's not really related here...

    My point is that I think people in medical supply stores are more likely than 'regular' people to realise what we're there for. I don't know the tone of the interaction, I wasn't there, which would make a big difference, obviously. It could really have been either thing - the inclusion of 'pampers' feels weird to me, but perhaps she just was being insensitive and assumed they weren't for you, so you wouldn't be upset/embarrassed by her saying that. Personally I'd probably enjoy assuming she knew, but that's just me. It doesn't really matter either way, you know?

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    I think she was just trying to be clear about what you wanted. Remember you were at a medical supply store where they see people with all sorts of medical problems on an everyday basis. A customer asking about incontinence items isn't unusual to someone working there at all, in fact it's probably one of the most common requests they have on a daily basis. I know that when I go to a medical supply store asking for adult diapers I make it pretty clear that they are for me, usually by saying something like "I usually wear a size large". From that point on I'll ask what brands they have and ask to check the sizes on the packages. In my experience I've never had the person helping me so much as blink when I've talked to them about diapers. A few times employees have used the more politically correct terms like briefs or pull-ups and I've just gone with the flow, but I do make it clear exactly what type of product I want. I think a lot of times the "diaper buying experience" depends more on your demeanor then the attitude of the clerk/cashier.
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    A lot of it has to do with what the experience of this lady has been up until this point. A lot of people who first find themselves becoming incontinent have a very hard time using the word 'diaper' as it seems to bring with it the implied helplessness that is associated with infants. If the larger portion of her clientele is incontinent folk who have been dealing with it for a long time, they've gotten over that hurdle and call a spade a spade. I know for a lot of my younger years I had a hard time calling them 'diapers'.

    She could also be trying to determine the level of product you need. A product that is a diaper like Pampers is a lot heavier protection level than a pull-up or pad, so she could be trying to help make sure she got the right protection level and that is how she associates the different products and protection levels in her mind.

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    Thanks so much for all the responses. I'm new here so it's very nice to get some feedback on my 1st post. From what people are saying, I should not be so sensitive. I'm still new to some of this. Though I've been wearing off and on since I was really young. I think I was between 8-10 when I decided to sneak my 1st diaper. But I can remember in preschool thinking it would be better to go back to diapers. Long story super short, I fell in the toilet in preschool and had a hard time getting out.

    But back to the responses, I'm still learning the ropes so I hope to learn from everyone here.

    Thanks again.. a diaper is a diaper.

    Happy SIDF everyone..

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    Yes, this absolutely sounds like a story. In fact, I wrote one that begins a lot like this some years ago. It's kind of x-rated, but (and?) it remains one of my favorites. That said, the woman working at the medical supply store in my story definitely wasn't in her 60s and it ended very, very differently. I'd post it in the Stories section here, but the mods seem to believe that a forum devoted to fetishes shouldn't discuss anything sexual. Ever. Hmm.


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