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Thread: how do i regress

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    Default how do i regress

    so i have alot of problems with regression and it would be hard to put in words all the issues i have but i will try so my big issue is that i eat sleep and breath study (of issues like religion, politics, social constructs, evolution, science, philosophy, i think you get the idea) and i focus on it so much that i sometimes have issues to slow down put on a diape and just relax so i have no idea how i do . its not that i cant regress i can and have but it just dont happen often and is hard to do so

    so only other issue is whenever i try to regress i just keep thinking how can we put this into science how do others feel when they regress is it individual and not the same for all people or do we get the same feelings and thought idk it feels undefined

    so what do i do?

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    Throw on a diaper, grab your favorite plush, sit on the couch and watch your favorite cartoons.

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    accept i would assume things like this would be more mental rather then based on action

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    You really have to purge your mind of all the worldly things such as classwork, science, etc. and just let yourself go. Not everyone can regress, and I don't think there's much of a science attached to it. It needs to be a natural emotional response to all things "little". I do it naturally. As soon as I put on a diaper, the process starts. I can regress even without any babyish accouterments. It's just something that lives in the recesses of my little mind. I am baby, so to speak.

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    Maybe try listening to some bedtime stories on youtube or a CD of Disney songs or something like that to help to start switching your mind off and have a sort of ritual to get there so your mind starts to learn that this is little time and studies are left at the door so to speak?

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    I guess it becomes easier with time really. I can relate because not only do I share the same interests you mentioned and I tend to think a lot. I'm also not a spontaneous person in general.

    So in the beginning, about two years ago, when I finally had some space and time that allowed for myself to indulge and bought diapers for the first time, I found I wanted to regress but I didn't know how.

    It felt akward to go from a adult that likes to discuss the meaning of life to a toddler that is more interested in puting objects in his mouth and make cute baby noises.

    In the end no matter how much I wanted I couldn't shake the feeling that it wasn't genuine.

    However I found a common ground. Something that felt regressive and genuine at the same time for me. And that was putting on a diaper and cuddling with a blanket and a plushie (more so with the blanket which actually surprised me, although it shouldn't because I use to have on as a little child and loved it).

    Ever since that I found that regressing has become easier, in fact I just ordered for the first time some toys and a playmat, and I'm actually anxiously waiting for it to arrive so I can have some regression time playing with toys. Which is something that I didn't really see as something I would enjoy in the beginning.

    In conclusion, find whatever little thing you enjoy that also connects you to childhood and allow some time to grow on you. Also I find that it's very important to let go of all the adult worries and just be in a happy, calm mood and in the moment to be able to regress and enjoy it. Although sometimes letting go is difficult, doing meditation might help. If it doesn't, just allow some time for those issues to resolve themselves before regressing again some other time .

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    ok thank you because i do feel that way its just sometimes hard because i cannot stop thinking i think i more need to clear my mind

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    Another thing is that I don't know if regressing to me is the same as to another person. After re-reading your initial post I noticed that you mention that, and it's something that I've thought as well.

    I say this because I've seen people commenting about their regression as if you become another self or as if you loose a bit of control. I don't know if it's that or not but I can say that is not the case with me. And because of it I sometimes wonder, which I think you do as well, if I'm really regressing or not.

    I would describe the sort of regression I experience as just go into a certain mindset, there's nothing really extraordinary about it. Same way if you go to a job interview you automically enter into a more sort of professional and formal mindset as opposed to when you go out for a drink with friends. Different behaviours, you could almost say you're two different people in these scenarios. Same with regression I think, it's a different mindset but you're still yourself.

    The trick to regression is starting with little things eventually with time it becomes more natural and you start doing more things and introducing more objects and other activities.

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    Hey babysnow, some great advice already. You know it really begins with a desire to do it. That's got to be the first least if that's the case it's going to be free will.

    Beyond that, you've got to give in to it. Sometimes it can take a little effort, but when you find the path for you, it will become easier.

    It most definitely is a mindset, but creating the right conditions does provide a sense of authenticity that helps you to focus.

    Oh and whatever you do, don't start analysing what your doing when regressing...that will completely stuff it up. You've just got to reconnect with your younger self and begin to experience things as you did...I promise you, if you have not properly done're in for a treat.

    Find your zone, throw on a diaper and cuddle up somewhere with a really awesome plushie. RELAX and have FUN.

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    i guess this would make alot of sense to me on why i am having issues because i am not driven with regression as a sense of myself but of a relationship with a child

    that is to say i am not thinking about just being a toddler i imagine myself with a mommy and how she treats me rather then myself i think this might make a paradox in my mind making me feel small when cared for

    i think i need to fix this by making a separation of the image of a mommy in my mind and my little self to try and make me focus more on the play time and fun and relaxation of it and not on the care of a mother (sorry i am about to get ranty here)

    i think a decent way to do this is to force my mind into a mindset with no person other then myself and enforce toddler thought without the thought of a mommy and then with time it will feel less forced into this and just become normal

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