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    What TV shows do you watch as a little / adult baby? Is there anything you would recommend for me to watch? I somewhat like my little pony, is there anything else, or are there any ABDL related anime series or anything of the likes?

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    when i am in little mode i like to watch shows that you can interact with like dora and stuff or anything like that

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    i personally recommend The Adventures of Dudley the Dragon (Available on YouTube) and Wallykazam!

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    Quote Originally Posted by hirohamada View Post
    i personally recommend The Adventures of Dudley the Dragon (Available on YouTube) and Wallykazam!

    never heard about that before, maybe because its Canadian and I'm Australian, I'll look into it.

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    "The Wiggles" is a kids show aimed at toddlers/preschoolers.

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    The thing that I like to watch is shows from back when I was little for real.

    The cartoon network and Hub TV are good ones for the cartoon types. I also watch Me TV and This they have the shows from the 60's like Leave it to Beaver, I dream of Jeannie, Batman, Etc.

    If I really wanted to go back I would find Hobo Kelly, Romper Room, and Gumby.

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    You can find "Tech, the Tractor" and "Harry the Bunny" on You Tube. They actually air on the Baby First channel. You can see what they have to offer on I love Tech the Tractor. I think it's filmed in Wales and tells a nice story about a little red tractor.

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    Uuuum~ Any cartoon really~ Though, I do like to watch Blues Clues with a notebook, crayons, and a binky. x3

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    I watch the stuff I used to watch when I was actually little too. My favourites are Count Duckula and Chip n Dale Rescue Rangers.

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