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    What Do You All Think Of The Film? If You Havn't Seen It, Heres A Link:

    Lets Go To Prison ???? ?? ?? - ?? - ???? - ???? - Lets go To prison ???? ?? ??


    My View: Hilarious.. And Thats About It, Theres A Guy Called "John Lyshitski" Lol.

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    That movie is pretty funny.

    Everytime its on TV, I have to watch it.

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    I found a copy of this (DVD rip) on my ex-boyfriend's PC during a file-snoop across the network once, so out of curiosity cooked some food and watched it.

    It was funny, although random and weird at the same time... I initially thought it was going to be some kind of documentary as i'd never heard of it before :-D

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    I've seen it... It's funny, worth watching if you're looking for a good laugh.


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    I loved it. I liked how the big scary black guy had a rubber ducky in the shower.

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    Quote Originally Posted by link View Post
    I loved it. I liked how the big scary black guy had a rubber ducky in the shower.
    Yeah, I thought that was hillarious, together with how camp he was portrayed while trying to "seduce" the other guy, lol :-D

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