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Thread: Golden Age of AB/DL

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    Default Golden Age of AB/DL

    I know that a lot of people are lamenting the fact that many adult diaper companies are moving away from plastic-backed and towards all cloth-backed products. But, when it comes to AB themed adult diapers, it seems like we are entering a golden age. Obviously, we have Bambino and their variety of babyish diapers. Then, in the past year or so, we got Snuggies. Now we have ABUniverse and its variety of diapers poised to maybe make a comeback and everyone excited about DC Amour's new diaper. As for me, I love Bellissimos and liked Snuggies. Now, if ABUniverse works out for other people, I am dying to try everything they make and dying to try DC Amour. This could be an expensive spring/summer, but I am very excited that are options are expanding and that there are more products becoming available for us.

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    It really is amazing. And run a search for items on Ebay, I bet 10 years ago it was not like that!

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    While I hesitate to use the term "golden age" for anything, I do think that ABDL diaper selection has improved recently and it's nice to see a few companies competing even in a niche space.

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    Despite the recent loss of the two Minnesota based Comco’s, in my opinion the variety and quality of adult plastic pants has never been better. Hope it continues.

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    Well said! So many wonderful choices. It's in all of our best interest that every one of these companies succeed and thrive

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    For everything but retail, things are going pretty well in the US. Choice is not so good elsewhere, particularly for plastic backed and it has hurt some fine products (Tens Slip Maxis for one). Considering that I didn't think I'd have anything that really fit me when I outgrew baby diapers, I feel lucky to have choices at all.

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    Diapers have definitely improved over the years. Fortunately, adult diaper companies tend to take the improvements that have been made in infant diapers and port them over to the adult diapers. I seriously doubt there is much in actual development done on adult diapers since the market is smaller, what usually happens is that the infant diaper market gets it first.

    With that said, we have definitely made major strides in what is available for diapers. I know a lot of people can't remember Pampers from the 70's that were basically a folded flat sheet with the crotch bunched up and tapes on the sides. Moving from those to the early hourglass design in the 80's was a huge step, now the form fitting design meant that plastic pants over the diaper were not a necessity. Throw in the development of SAP, leakguards, and elastic in critical locations and you have a diaper that is discreet and is solid protection.

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    I don't really know about golden age, per say. although there are a lot of verity of objects out there, still I am glad.

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    It's pretty amazing the variety of ABDL diapers on the market now, considering a few years ago we just had Bambinos or ABU (not sure which one of those came first, I'm guessing Bambinos). I can think of 7 companies off the top of my head right now, and many of them make more than one AB product.

    It would be nice if all AB diapers could be priced similarly to Bambino, but obviously, that isn't the case right now. My personal bit of paranoia is that prices will never really decrease - or worse, that the number of competing companies will get too large and the 'bubble' will burst, leaving us with the same old products again. Snuggies, at least, I really hope don't go under.

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    Indeed, there is more variety and a lot of companies trying their best to offer a good product, it's a difficult thing to do so. I hope to see more ABDL products in the near future and a greater community :3

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