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Thread: Diaper Wearing after a hydrocelectomy?

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    Question Diaper Wearing after a hydrocelectomy?

    I have a question I'm hoping y'all can answer. I'm having a procedure done called a Hydrocelectomy where they are removing a large fluid filled sack and I'm wondering when I'll be able to wear after I heal. I can't ask my doctor because I'm not comfortable with telling him about it. I figure the closest answer to this is probably like asking when can I swim again? But I'm unsure. Has anyone been in or close to this same situation?

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    I have no experience on this one but now that you've raised it, I'd be interested to know. It sounds to me like asking about swimming would be a good euphemistic question but perhaps someone will know better.

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    As your doctor.

    Disregard any advice given in this thread which is not "ask your doctor."

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    Quote Originally Posted by AEsahaettr View Post
    As your doctor.

    Disregard any advice given in this thread which is not "ask your doctor."
    This. If you're embarrassed, get over it and ask. There's doctor-patient confidentiality.

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    Dr's have herd it all so I would have to agree and ask them. They are not suppose to be judgmental. I've been seeing my dr. for about 17 yrs and it was only after 13 that I told him about my Diaper wearing and he chuckled a bit because it was a shock to him after all these years but we both giggle about it now and everything is great.

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    Ask your Doctor , he or she won't judge they are there to help, getting advice here is great but you really need medical advice some times.

    Most users are not doctors and even if there is a doctor or two here they will say to ask your family doctor or the surgeon or even the pre op nurse.

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    I agree with the ask your doctor advice.

    I had surgery in that area and I asked the same question on ADISC a while back. Basically, a wet diaper is an ideal environment for bacteria growth, so you would be inviting an infection by wearing while healing.

    I suppose you could wear a dry one and not use it.... But for me, that would be asking me not to drive after being given the keys to a Porsche.

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    I would really suggest talking to your doctor. No one here is qualified to answer this question!

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    My guess is that you have a testicular hydrocele. I have seen some bigger than basketballs.

    The incision should be fairly small, but I'd ask your healthcare provider about wearing after your stitches are removed.

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