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    Big fan of Rearz as a company, and my last order they sent me a trial of their Inspire diaper. There has been a bit of talk, but I thought I would revisit for sake of a mini review:

    This diaper is BIG. I'm typically a small/maybe medium, but this is a very large medium. First impressions, the diaper has a very soft plastic shell with a thick plastic landing zone for the tapes. Big fan of this cause it can then be refastened. Inside material is very soft quilted, quite nice and comfortable to wear.

    The diaper is very crinkly and has a lit of bulk, definitely not a discrete option. Now, Rearz states that the diaper can take up to 5L, and I have no doubt that if I were to lay it out and poor water in, it would drink up 5L (but not hold for a press test). Unfortunately, my biggest disappointment is that the fillings is almost pure SAP, there is no fluff or fiber. After 2 wettings, the center of the diaper was super saturated and I leaked as soon as I sat down, there is just nothing to wick the liquid away to the front and back. I ended up throwing the thing out after maybe 1L of liquid and most of the padding was bone dry still.

    End of the day, not a terrible play diaper, but higher leg guards and better wicking of liquid throughout the absorbent core would greatly benefit this diaper.

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    Default Rearz Inspire

    The diaper did hold 3 liters one night for me. But I discontinued use of them primarily because of the issues you have identified. No wicking and leak after leak after leak.

    I went back to Bellissimo and am much happier. They are not perfect but have overall the most "consistently" compared to every other high end diaper (and I've tried all the so called great ones). That's just my opinion.

    If I live in Europe I would probable go with Comficare L10's. They are essentially a Bellissimo with great capacity.

    Rears put some fluff in there it might be a whole other story.

    I'm curious to try the new DC armor when they come out, otherwise, after tryin all the high end brands , I'm sticking with Bellissimos for now.

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    They are advertising a comficare with a ABDL pattern on Rearz...I'll definitely give them a shot. Otherwise, I'm sticking with medium Molicare super plus when at home, or Abena S4 air when out and about, easily concealed. Use to do Pampers size 7 more often, wasn't a good fit and would slowly dog into my hips, but they are cheap. Since I've gone with adult diapers though, I keep flooding he pampers accidentally and leaking...

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    Just assuming you are a fellow Canadian with that name of yours ;-)

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