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Thread: Confuzzled 2015 - Diaper disposal

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    Default Confuzzled 2015 - Diaper disposal

    For anyone going to Confuzzled 2015, there will be diaper disposal facilities available.
    There'll be a yellow biowaste bin tucked away in a corner of the hotel grounds, as well as yellow biowaste bags.
    Diapers shouldn't be disposed of via roomkeeping or in other bins located in the hotel or grounds.
    Full information isn't yet available, but when the maps and other details arrive, there's a thread in the ukfur babyfur forum that'll be updated.

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    Ohh, that's pretty nice of them to do that. Sounds like a good idea.

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    Oh since when would a hotel do that so sweet for us ones who like be padded.

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    They did it last year too. I think the hotel appreciated the warning and the fact the con staff took charge.
    Just making sure as many people going to the con are aware as possible if the arrangements this year

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