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    1)I been wearing the Abena diapers for a while now, both to bed and during the day... I am a DL but also a somewhat bed wetter... I was looking for reviews on the attends.. what does everyone think of them?

    2)also i been buying mediums due to my waist size, but i was wondering should i measure my hip size... it seams that mediums seam to be tight on me

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    1) They are all right, but they tend to clump up a lot, whether wet or not.

    2) Maybe try the large, but only get one pack. don't buy a whole case and then realize that they don't work for you.

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    Attends have always been my choice as a back-up diaper when I couldn't get anything else. They're actually pretty good for store-bought diapers, and they're a little cheaper than the premium brands like Abena and Moli and Secure Care. Just consider them as useful for one good wetting, then you have to think about changing. They won't hold as much as the Abenas, that's for sure, but give them a try, you'll probably find they're acceptable.

    As far as size, go with whatever works for you. I'm tall and I have always had to wear Large, not for the waist size but because Medium size diapers fit me like a bikini. If the Mediums are too tight, get the Large. They'll fit... the nice thing about diapers is they're pretty adjustable.

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    I'm an abena user myself...however I've used the Attends Extended Wear version which is nice. If you're a DL like me, you probably won't be crazy about the "cloth-like" cover, but I will say that they are thicker than regular attends, (can hold about 3 wettings at most) and the tapes are great! The tapes are a combo of velcro and adheasive and they can be refastend several times and still hold great! You can order samples from XP Medical.


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    I'm going to say be careful with attends. Years ago, they were alright, in fact they were the best that I could buy in a store as an independent pharmacy about 15 miles out of town carried them. A while back, I went and bought attends for the first time in a while and I got the new "Breathable" attends. If this is the only style of attends that you can get, don't waste your money. I would compare them as quite similar to CVS brand briefs, similar absorbency, fit and feel, but at nearly twice the price. I actually still have some that I haven't used as they are that bad. They could barely hold one wetting and quite frankly in my opinion are useless.

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