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    Hello thare, so after much discussion with the wife, after comming clean about being a DL. She seams to be taking it in stride.
    Well she allowed me to order a box of samples, I am plesenlty suprized with the
    Assortment. My one problem is that I always wore the depends maximum protection breifs, these were average. Now that I have tried a real diaper, I am now thinking that I need more. But the problem is that one favorite is the cuddlez brand, nice, thick,one tape?( like the snugness), is there a plain white version of this?? I have yet to try the bambio and they have a plain white one. And even the rearz brand has a plain white one(very nice dipaers). I have no problem with a little print as long as it isn't to baby ish and these cuddlez actully have the word baby printed on them, not a big deal seeing as I just like to wear(even wiggle diaper down to do business) that way I can wear nearly all day! But the wife has relented a little and I am Allowed to wear to bed, but if she sees babyish design then all bets are off and she will
    Go out and sleep on the couch. So do I wear my favorite to bed with undies on over or just change up to something planin? Thinking that to go with out or should I be padded and happy and tell her that I'll sleep on the couch, or just deal with the repercussions(wouldn't make my wearing any easyer) small steps right, I just wanna be powedered and padded and comfortable

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    Go with a plain diaper either an Dry 24/7 or an Abena air plus or original plastic backed. The level 4 Abena air plus is my Sumer night time diapers cooler night will be the Dry 24/7"s or the Abena Plastic backed
    Day time is either a Level 2 Abena air plus or the Level 4 the level 2 is not that noticeable when wearing under my work pants but the level 4 buldge does show

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    Don't even think about wearing an Abena Air Plus without plastic pants, they seep. Also the inside fabric around the rare end tends to tear exposing the gel/sap/pulp; so maybe use a booster in that case. I hear the plastic backed are better anyway as far as build quality goes... Haven't heard of any issues regarding the Dry 24/7's apart from the tapes...

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