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Thread: Bruce Jenner

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    Default Bruce Jenner

    Decathlon gold medal winner in the 1976 Olympics, Step Father of the Kardashians and now comes out as transgender.

    I'm not opposed to someone coming out as transgender but is he doing it for the right purposes? I mean, I'm sure he's sincere with his actions, but because of his being such a public figure, will it help or hurt the transgender community?

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    I guess there's an interview on TV tonight, though I'm not watching it. One would think that transitioning would have to be a very serious step, but with the Kardashians, one never knows.

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    I don't think she should concern herself with whether or not it will "hurt the transgender community", and I don't think it's something we should expect others to be overly concerned with.

    I mean, what should she do? Do what transgenders say is so horrible and just keep living as their physical gender? What reasons? What reasons are right reasons?

    I don't really know much about the specifics of this. I'm typically unnaturally ignorant of pop culture (for better and worse)... but I'd say you'll see a lot more of this sort of thing simply due to the fact that culture is shifting. It's like an avalanche. Same with homosexuality. And because of that, you'll start seeing more and more famous people going public... which will accelerate things more. I'm looking forward to it.

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    Good for him.

    Apparently he made a first aborted journey onto HRT in the 80s but stopped when he met Kris Kardashian.

    I think that he could bring more attention to transgender issues, though what if any impact he'll have is still to be determined.

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    most trans people I know (myself included) are pretty much pretending this issue isn't happening and a few (again including myself) think this is just a classic case of 'middle age mid-life crisis' that some males go through and in turn start transitioning because's pretty common to have happen.

    with how the entire family is known to be I sadly wouldn't put it past being a publicity stunt, albeit a pretty dedicated one. if not, good for them (I use them here because of the above) but I personally would prefer it not influence the trans community in any way.

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    Jenner is my personal hero. It's hard enough to come out, to transition and to do it late in life. But to do it so publicly and to remain public despite the negative attention she's getting.

    Guts. That takes guts and she is my hero!

    I hope it helps. I hope that it's just another celebrity giving a face to the crisis and telling kids "hey, it's okay be who you are." in the interview she said she wanted to not only be authentic to herself but to help kids as teenagers to see that while it's hard to be who you are sometimes, it's worth it in the end.

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    Okay, I've been reading about the interview, and things seem to be indicating that Bruce still prefers he/him, or at least has not indicated a preference for a new pronoun. Due to that, I will continue to use he. However, I have not been able to see the actual interview, so I am going off things I have.

    Also, as I was working on this post, ESPN started a segment covering this situation and the interview and the anchor sounded really condescending about Bruce being a transgender woman. They also said that the interview used he at Bruce's suggestion, which indicates to me that he's not entirely comfortable being referred to as a she right now. We should respect that. I've not even been alive 20 years and I'm having some issues with training myself to respond to and use my new name and pronouns. I can't begin to imagine how difficult it would be after 65 years of training yourself to respond to a certain name and pronoun set to change that.

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    I am out of the loop, and for a long time when this story started, I would only see glimpses of this on those trashy celeb tabloids and I thought it was more of that overhyped tabloid BS. I'd just stare at the pictures and wonder how they photoshopped it. I was completely surprised when I found out this was a real transition and not some tabloid garbage. This one really shocked me, and I'm not sure why exactly. I would watch that reality show here and there if it happened to be on TV, back a few years ago. (Silly, I know, but we all have guilty pleasures...) I never would have imagined this back then.

    Good for him, if he wants to transition then I wish him the best. I know his association with the reality show and the whole family is kind of bad for his reputation, but to be fair on the reality show he was usually the most down-to-earth person around. The young girls would bug me, Scott that idiot, always made me the most angry. I think Bruce and the mom (Kris??) were the most relateable people there. Well, back in like 2009 or whenever I watched it anyway. You know, maybe they weren't actually the most relateable, but just the best at pretending to be people they weren't for the camera (possibly with experience due to their ages compared to the younger family members). Considering Bruce's desires to transition through surgery (if I understand this right) it seems really sad now that maybe so much of his life was just an act for other people. I wonder if a lot of transgender people feel that way.

    I don't know for sure if it's bad for the community but I get that reasoning... that famous people end up being unwitting, or witting... spokespeople for various things. I can't think of another transgender celeb right now, so I guess that's proof, huh? I think the only thing that could send off bad signals is that whole situation with the car accident. Was he driving under the influence or something? That's not good. I can understand transgender people being worried about that kind of person being a spokesperson they never voted on. And yeah, we all want to live in a world where everyone gets judged individually but that's just not reality, everyone forms stereotypes. So there will probably be a bunch of people who will continue to, or start, judging transgender people by whatever Bruce Jenner does or doesn't do. That kind of sucks for everyone, including Bruce.

    As far as rights and acceptance goes, transgender people right now have it pretty bad even in wealthy western nations where gay/lesbian acceptance and rights is gaining a lot of ground. It's even worse when a person born male wants to become female, because females are still usually considered less than male by many closed-minded people. So they face some serious ridicule. I'm sure there will be a lot of ridicule directed at Bruce (I've already seen a lot of this online) and these terrible comments can spill over into non-Bruce-Jenner transgender people... a lot of whom will be young, facing bullying in school, and often facing little to no support from parents. So I think Zipperless has a point about worrying about this.

    I wish I could say that this more public transition will open people's eyes, but there's just no way.... people aren't ready to accept this, yet. All the nasty "jokes" and sensationalism and everything else is just going to unfortunately end up doing more harm than good, in my opinion. That being said, I truly wish it wasn't that way, and I truly do wish the best for Bruce.

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    After seeing the special I can honestly say that I have a different opinion about the kardasians and Kanye West, Kim seems like more of a closed minded person and Kanye seems like not so much of a dick any more.

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    I really wasn't following any of this story because I have dedicated my life to avoiding anything to do with the Kardashians like the plague. I really don't care about people who are famous for being famous. I heard some stories on the news recently about Jenner transitioning, alongside some pretty bad photos, and my first thought was that it was just the usual National Enquirer mentality, and they were making the most out of a bad or altered image to sell their rag.

    Jenner was a role model in the 1970's as an Olympic athlete, inspiring young people with his story of dedication, perseverance and hard work leading to the gold medal. Now, many years later, he is again in a position to lead by example on a completely different kind of quest. I have always said that the gay movement was twenty five years behind the women's movement, and that the transgender movement was about twenty five years behind the gay movement. The trans population continues to be significantly more marginalized than gays and lesbians, although all have had varying degrees of progress. If Jenner chooses to be a role model and share his own experiences, he could do a lot of good work in getting people to understand the hardships experienced by the trans population. I thought his interview with Diane Sawyer was very good and took a lot of courage. She seemed to have a better sensitivity to the topic and asked more relevant questions than someone like, say Katie Couric or Barbara Walters.

    Whether it is racism, sexism, homophobia, or transphobia, I believe that education is a key component to changing public attitudes. Martin Luther King, Gloria Steinem, Harvey Milk; Our causes advanced significantly when we've had respected public figures who championed them. Whether Jenner chooses to go this route, or if he just wants to live his life in peace outside of the spotlight, he's already got some people thinking about transgender issues in ways they may not have thought about prior to his coming out. Now if he could just disassociate himself from those Kardashian leeches, all would be forgiven.
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