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Thread: Free samples: Always Discreet

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    Default Free samples: Always Discreet

    Just thought I would let everyone know that Always is offering free samples of their new Discreet underwear. Here's the link:

    I placed my free sample order a few days ago, and they say it will take 6-8 wks. A little long in my opinion, but it is free!

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    I just tried to put my order in and got the message they are lout of samples.

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    Well...that sucks. They had some a few days ago. I would try again in a couple weeks if I were you

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    Just got my assurance purseready sample from Wal-Mart today by mail

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    Just finished work and put on the Assurance PurseReady. From the pics it looks almost like the Discreet. I put the s/m of each one side by side. The PurseReady folds up smaller but the Discreet is much softer. The PurseReady is just purple tone without a print. The print is only on the clothlike pouch it comes in. So I am guessing these are slightly below par with Discreet. Due to the stiffness I do not think they will do as nicely when wet as Discreet. The stiffness is not uncomfortable because they are so thin just like the Discreet. Also the padding is a tad lower in the back than it is on the discreet.
    Looks like the PurseReady has nothing extra for leak guards either. After putting my pants on over these they feel really bunched up. It is really hard to get comfortable in them and my pants aren't that tight.
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    Doesn't sound like I'll even bother getting a free sample of those. Thanks for the mini review!

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    I went to Walmart today and left the $1 coupon they sent on the shelf. I will never try the ladies Assurance pull-ups again. They just seem to bunch up way too much.

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    Does anyone know if the Always Discreet samples coming in discreet packaging?

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