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Thread: When the cat's away, diapered all day!

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    Default When the cat's away, diapered all day!

    ahahahaha! Sort of. My aunt, hereinafter referred to as my roommate, is gone for the weekend. It's rare times like these that I enjoy being diapered all day, and walking around in nothing but my diaper. It's just such a great and liberating feeling! I love it! Anyone here enjoy similar times? Or, does anyone here have roommates that know about your DL or ABDL side are totally cool with you being openly diapered in the house?

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    Definitely. My brother is going out of town this weekend and I'm going over there to house/pet-sit. Finally a weekend with no roommates. My girlfriend is staying as well, she's pretty hot/cold when it comes to diapers. It either really turns her on, or she wants nothing to do with them (I think we over did it a few years back, and now she's bored with it). But, she's been making funny hints this week, so maybe I'll get lucky!

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    I'm not a fan of walking around in just a diaper, but I like to carry my bottle around the house with me when no-one's home.

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    Well, I walk around in mine at home.
    Just diaper, shirt and something on feet. (Never know what someone may have dropped! LOL)
    I don't care who knows or sees that I wear diapers. I'm IC, so I don't have a choice, but to wear them.
    If people don't like it, that's on them, not me.

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    Given my newly enforced solitude I walk around the house however I am dressed at the time. If it is warm and I am wearing a diaper then it is down to the diaper - or, rather, diaper pants as that is what you see... with a panty over them.

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    comfy socks, diaper, and (usually white) t-shirt is how I like to roll during the weekend. Like right now

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    Well. I wore all weekend, but she didn't. She has to be in a really kinky mood and work has her pretty stressed out. Ah well. We still had a really nice weekend.

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