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Thread: Flood?

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    Default Flood?

    Okay, what amount of pee can be counted as "flooding" your diaper?

    I would say a pee lasting longer than 25 seconds. Or has a really strong pressure behind it, ex: the morning pee. What does everyone else think?

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    25 seconds? are you kidding? . That's a pretty impressive wee tobegin with, and I don't know any diaper that would survive that.

    I'd say longer than 3-4 seconds.

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    Anything more than 15 secsonds, but I've gone 25-30 in an abena and it held up fine. I think the diaper matters.

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    I'd agree with chevre that anything more than 5 seconds is going to be problematic.

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    Probably anywhere between 10-20 seconds. I have gone that long, and the diaper I was wearing, (which was a Huggies Pull-up) actually held up without any leaks. Although, It wasn't strong, so it may or may not be counted as a flood. Again, it depends on the diaper.

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    when I had a goodnites doubler with a Tranquility ATN the diaper double held together for about 32 seconds and there was still enough room for another wetting so I let the last one go and the thing was about flooded.

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    I actually consider a flood to be when you just empty your bladder without stopping to let the diaper absorb it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Colonel Brome Teks View Post
    I actually consider a flood to be when you just empty your bladder without stopping to let the diaper absorb it.
    I agree with this definition.

    Also sometimes 25 seconds is nothing to me. I once counted how long it took me to fully empty my bladder and I was there for at least a 90 seconds. of course I was holding it in for sometime, must of been one of the times I wasn't really able to get to a bathroom. <_>

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