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Thread: AB/DL Ways to protect the Earth with diapers

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    Default AB/DL Ways to protect the Earth with diapers

    Hey everyone! Today is Earth day and its a day that we need to think about how wonderful our planet we live on. Also our planet isn't feeling so well from all the stuff we are doing to this planet but you can help make it better!

    This thread is for posting all ways that you can protect the environment in the style of our type of interests that we have. Ill start! Make a silly title and explain the ways that you help out the environment.

    1: Diaper Dah Earth Hero

    Diapers are really neato as a protective form of underwear and they put up with us alot. Littlarty! Ever since disposable diapers were invented in the 1950-60, they have been a huge convience to both parents and those who are fans of the amazing underwear but....This convience has come with a cost. Disposable diapers are made with wood pulp(comes from trees),SAP(super absorbent polymer) as well as a range of plastics.Here's some facts you might know as well as ways you can give mother earth a break.

    Basic facts about diapers:

    -A diaper is a form of underwear that its perpous is to absorb what comes off as waste of a animal or anything else really.

    -Disposable diapers strengths is that they absorb on a factor of 50 times better then cloth but damages the environment by cutting down trees to make the diaper core as well as burning fossil fuels to make the plastics.

    -Cloth Diapers for the most part can hold between 2-7 times its weight in liquids while disposable's can hold anywhere between 15-50 times its weight in liquids.

    How to save the enviroment with diapers:

    You might not know this but did you know that if your saving the enviroment that you save money? Its true!

    -If you wear disposable diapers,buy diapers that have the highest absorbancy that you can find. Did you know that low absorbancy diapers can cost more money in the long run and put more diapers in the land fill? This techinec can also help parents who struggle with affording their kids with diapers. Also low absorbancy disposable diapers usually have harsh chemicals in order to "boost absorbancy" or to "help the color".

    -Recycle Recycle! Did you know that disposable diapers can be recycled into new products or made as energy. Call your garbage company to see if any diaper recycling options are available.

    Ok, its your turn! What ABDL stuff did you do to help the enviroment out?

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    Quote Originally Posted by MegaChar View Post
    Recycle Recycle! Did you know that disposable diapers can be recycled into new products or made as energy. Call your garbage company to see if any diaper recycling options are available.
    Do you have a link that you would share? Honestly, when I search, I don't find anything encouraging about actually recycling disposable diapers. On the contrary, in fact; the recycling services that mention disposable diapers mostly say that they are too complicated (too many different materials) and too contaminated with hazardous biological waste to merit recycling.

    Of course there are new and more biodegradable disposable diaper options coming out every year--corn-starch cores, plant-based PLA covers, etc. Unfortunately, these are only (now) available in baby sizes. Perhaps, at some point, we'll get adult versions. That would be really cool. I see this as the shortest path to "green" disposable diaper usage.

    Quote Originally Posted by MegaChar
    Ok, its your turn! What ABDL stuff did you do to help the enviroment out?
    Well, I mostly use cloth diapers these days. And my electricity comes from hydroelectric dams, so I can at least claim that I don't have to burn coal to wash my diapers. I can't help but chuckle a bit when people buy electric cars in areas served by coal plants and congratulate themselves for having weaned themselves off of fossil fuels--while (effectively) driving around in a coal-powered car. Yeeeaaaaah.

    But, to be honest, I don't really strive for greenness in my diaper habits. What greenness is there is mostly accidental. I do, however, make other decisions in the name of greenness. I'm very conscientious about recycling common recyclables, shunning products with an excess of packaging, and reusing packaging--bags, boxes, etc.--as much as possible before either putting them in the garbage or in the recycle bin. And my wife has an electric car.

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    Don't allow disposables to reach our landfills, that's one of the worst things that can be done as they take a very very long time to break down and fill up those places very quickly. I agree on recycling them, however.

    I just use cloth and reusable diapers to do my part on that end. It costs a little more and needs some maintenance but its worth the work for our environments sake.

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    Heres some info.

    Maybe I'll try cloth, although im not incon. The issue is getting them past parents when they need to be washed.

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    I hate to say this, but my entire reason for being a DL is that I love the effect of soaked SAP/Stuffing and cannot imagine using a cloth diaper. So that rules out any chance for that approach.

    However, I have had the impact on the environment on my mind. I do not subscribe to the "We are hurting the planet" view as that is quite literally impossible - not because of our scale but because the meaning has no meaning. The planet simply is. We cannot 'hurt' it but we can for sure make it miserable for those creatures that live here and for ourselves as we are one of those...

    What we do accomplish, however, is to effectively crap in our bed without a diaper. In other words, most of us here would be rather unhappy at that event; we see it as detrimental to our own experience of life, and that is the most powerful driver of behavior change known to man.

    So when I frame it as an effort to keep my home clean, in good repair and as a comfortable place for me to live environmentalism simply becomes an obvious behavior and thinking pattern that simply improves my life here and now. That, my friends, is a very powerful motivator. After all, as long as the reasons themselves are not a problem, do we really care why someone is environmentally conscious? I should hope not.

    So my thinking is driven in part because I realize I have to sleep my bed therefore it behooves me to respect it and maintain it properly, but is also driven by the fact that I produce more diapers than my garbage pickup will accept from a weight perspective. I tend to seriously soak diapers (see comments about getting full use above!) so my diapers can weigh a good 5 to 10 lbs when I am good an done... it does not take many of those to surpass a 45 lb weight limit per container! My plan is to make regular runs to the dump, I may just go full on with all my trash in that manner. Still working it out.

    But I truly wish I had a fully bio-degradable diaper I could simply compost. It would eliminate all problems with diapers, and make life so much easier!

    It will eventually happen, but not anytime soon. In the meantime, as long as it does not impact performance I would welcome more environmentally friendly diapers for us. It would make me feel better.

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    Interestingly, the Abena Air Plus diapers (I know, cloth backed, don't hate) are certified as Nordic Ecolabel and suppose to be 80% biodegradable and 99% compostable.

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    I don't care, the effects won't happen in my lifetime and our children's grandchildren will be too absorbed in their iThings to care.

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    I can definitely relate to Eco-guilt regarding this fetish. Unfortunately, part of the diaper fetish that really draws me into it is the plastic and the crinkle, so I can't see myself using cloth. Sorry.

    So far, I've compensated for this by improving as much as possible in all other aspects of my life. I can also get beyond the whole Non-green aspect of this fetish by not wearing too often.

    As far as recycling goes, I had no idea disposable diapers were recyclable at all. So that's at least good news to hear. =)

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    I use mostly cloth and have enough to only wash once a week at most for diaper loads. I have plastic backed disposables, but I only use them when I'm going to some kind of Ab/DL event and might need a change, but when I'm home I'm in cloth. I recycle cans, cardboard and some plastics. I believe that using cloth is as much satisfying and for me sometimes even more satisfying than disposables. I have big thick pre-folds, with a really high quality (and crinkly) plastic pants. I also have some AIO that I use for more everyday wearing.

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