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Thread: I'm A Bedside Buddy!

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    Red face I'm A Bedside Buddy!

    Hai guys and girls!! So, a few months ago I wrote one thread about being a Baby Cuddler. Where, I am finally volunteering as a Bedside Buddy! Yesterday was my third shift and it is awesome!!

    My job is to play with kids and entertainment in their stay at the hospital so they don't feel alone, sad or pressured. My first shift I got a 3 year old boy, we played coloring, blocks, and bubbles! He was so cute, parading in just a diaper. I also got a ten year old girl and we played board games like Guess Who? and things like that. She was so happy that it made me happy.

    On the first day, I went dressed as Robin. I have a Robin costume and the kids loved it, and the parents loved it more!

    My second shift, I got a girl with "special capabilities", she was so nice and she made us do Yoga... it was pretty interesting.

    And yesterday, I got babies. I got to feed, carry and change a one year old's diaper. It was really good to bring out my parental side! I played a movie for him (Frozen) and I sang him "Let It Go" so he could go to sleep.

    So if you ever get the chance to volunteer at a children's hospital, it's really rewarding!

    Love you guys!

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    That sounds like an adorable experience. You're doing good for the world, to boot, so congrats!

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    You've reminded me of when I played with our grandchildren when they were toddlers. I'd get on the floor with their toys and make up stories which involved their toys. It was so much fun. I used to do the same thing with my children when they were little. Sometimes I'd use their toys and reenact scenes from Monte Python....teehee. My son had a big yellow plastic chicken whom I called, Bishop Chick. "No one ever expects Bishop Chick!!!"

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