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    Just got my first dependeco AIO (looks awesome!)

    I'm curious about washing them. I know that some people do a wet pail and soak cloth diapers, but the dependeco instructions say not to. What do other dependeco users do with wet/messy diapers? Just rinse in hot water and put in a dry sac?

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    I hand wash mine everyday along with a prefold diaper. I soak mine in a hot water and Arm&Hammer with Oxi Clean for
    3 to 4 hrs and then rinse real good. I air dry mine. After over two years of use and washing they they still look like new.
    If you follow Monika's instructions you should be fine. After about six washings they'll be at full absorbency.

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    I put mine in the washer and dryer. That sounded like what the instructions had in mind so I figured I would try it. So far so good, haven't had it all that long but yeah.

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    If your AIO pants, and I don't have any, so I'm speaking out of ignorance, have a PUL outer shell, I wouldn't put them in the dryer. I would be afraid of the heat deteriorating the PUL. I would line dry them, which is what I do with my plastic pants.

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    I put them in the washer and for a few minutes on low heat. Line dry it the rest of the way. If your more than a light wetter, they do offer booster pads that you can wash and dry the same way.

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