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Thread: snow goes out for ice cream

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    Default snow goes out for ice cream

    i went out to my local custered store paded for the first time and i was a little bit close for comfort next to my siblings but i get to feel kinda little and get somn yummy kinda fun

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    Coooooool, sounds like a fun time

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    i love custard so much but i have been making more f an attempt to wear more often and not let fear drive me

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    I go out padded riding my bike, but I've never gone padded to get ice cream. Getting ice cream can be seen as a "little" activity, so it makes sense to me. I hope you had fun.

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    Sounds pretty enjoyable. I haven't been out padded in a long time. It makes me feel nervous even though I've done it a couple times. I don't really see the point of taking something enjoyable and making it into something uncomfortable, so I just haven't done it. I'm really glad you got to feel little even if you were nervous, and everyone knows that little ones love ice cream!

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    nice :3 I wish there was a custard shop around here x.x I love custard but too lazy to cream is yum too but its so common X3 although now you've kinda given me a bit of courage to maybe go out wearing some time soon...I don't have any closedminded people in my life, some 'shy' ones that might cringe a bit but pffftt if it's something I like then toooo bad *giggles*

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    There is where I come from.

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    most people wont notice if you do padded unless people feel you butt often then you will be fine

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