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    Hi Everyone,
    I am not much of a writer, but I do read almost everything...

    I will be coming to Leeds in a couple of weeks to visit with family. We will be staying in Leeds for about a week. So far, I am planning on brining my diapers (yes, Originally American, I don't use the word "nappy") with me. Can anyone advise me of a pharmacy where I can get a package? What brand? I wear 24/7 and need GOOD diapers. I currently use SENI of maximum absorbency ("Super Seni trio")...

    Best wishes,
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    I think you'll find that most large pharmacies will stock adult diapers; Boots is probably the largest chain in the UK and most towns have at least one branch. They also do their own Staydry range. Probably the most common brand in UK is Tena (I must admit that I haven't heard of SENI). Lille, Depends, Attends, and Abena are also brands that should be obtainable.

    Even if a pharmacy doesn't stock them, they will normally be able to order in for the next day if you ask. But I would advise that you ask for "Adult Incontinence pads"; some people may not know what you mean by diapers, and the term nappies will normally relate to babies, and the use of it in an adult context is frowned upon by medical professionals here.

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    Hi nappies r us do comficare and they're as good as dry24/7

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    Boots is your best bet for high street availability (unless you strike gold and find an independent Pharmacy with old Tena Slip still in stock). They have plastic backed Attends (not the same as the US ones) - which are sold as "Boots Staydry".

    Boots is pretty much everywhere, but some of the very *very* small ones might not have them in stock.

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