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Thread: Who here plays a musical instrument?

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    Default Who here plays a musical instrument?

    I play the trumpet and the piano, with a little guitar on the side, which I'm still learning.

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    I used to play tambura (tamburica) and now I am learning to play guitar. And I love it!

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    Piano. Harmonica. Took years of classical guitar. Dabble with a little fiddle and banjo.

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    I used to play the piano, though all I ever play anymore is the acoustic guitar. Very, very rarely will I pick up the electric, since I live in apartments. :B

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    I might have posted this already, so please excuse me if I am repeating myself. I play pipe organ, piano, and sing 2nd tenor.

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    Guitar, Upright Bass, Harmonica. I'd like to get a banjo

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    I play guitar (have for 8 years), flute, trumpet, trombone, drums, alto sax and I sing.

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    I play piano and bass a bit. I took piano lessons for a couple of years and taught myself bass.

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