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    Default Sunday drive in a diaper...

    I took a Sunday drive around Mt. Rainier all the way out to the intersection of 12 and 410 and wrote about it in a PM to one of my friends here on the site. It was well received, so after a bit of PG sanitizing here it is for your enjoyment. Not sure if this is the right place or if the Stories is better, feel free to tell me if need be.

    I am making the assumption you all will enjoy a detailed description of my trip from a DL perspective... if not please let me know not to send anything like this again.

    Started at around nine and got back just before 5. Spent the entire time in my diaper. I completely, totally saturated it except for a small corner in the left rear up top.

    It was utterly awesome. I stuffed an Abena M4 with a Tranquility booster and the insides of a Tranquility ATN pullup through a slit in the front. That was enough to completely stuff the front of diaper even before I wet it, and when it expanded it completely and totally fills the diaper in front. My penis just loves to be swaddled in the diaper stuff; I put my penis into the slit and make sure there is diaper stuff all around it.

    I put a pair of heavy Hanes undies over that to soak up any leaks and then a Gary PUL medium pant and then a Leakmaster Large PUL pant over that followed by the cotton/spandex boxer shorts with the suspenders. Being that women's intimates is my other fetish I put on a nice pair of larger nylon type silky panties on over the boxer shorts and then my old man's pants with the elastic waist and very baggy profile.

    I hit the road after an initial flooding on all fours to ensure proper soaking. I hoped I had positioned myself to keep the flow in the right direction... tricky when you have to sit most of the time.

    The diaper got soaked pretty quickly as I had hydrated thoroughly through the morning and I was successful at peeing while driving so I stopped drinking as much well before getting to Crystal Mountain on 410. After a while I stopped peeing so often and the diaper got to a very nice consistency. So far it was going very well with no hints of leaks at all as I relaxed with the cruise control on and let it go as often as possible to avoid flooding.

    The problem is that I just love peeing into my diaper, and as much as I love sitting in it, I love to pee in it as often as I can so it is hard to just sit in my diaper.

    I began to sip more tea...

    One thing I noticed was that peeing while driving does not seem to empty my bladder, which actually turns out to be something of a good thing as it slows the flooding. This is important because I am not able to control where the flow goes, and if it goes down the sides I am much more prone to leakage. This will of course eventually happen if I wear the diaper long enough or have the misfortune to be positioned really badly, but in general I can control it for quite some time.

    In order to help make sure I did not leak too early at some point I pulled over and got into the back seat of my truck on all fours and peed and peed and peed and peed... you get the point. It was a wonderful flood! I waited a few minutes for it to soak in - that is such a wonderful feeling in and of itself; the initial flood is especially nice if it hits my tummy in my diaper - most of the time it just goes into the diaper and I only feel the wetness, not the actual stream.

    After a bit I got back into my seat which is fully covered in pads. I have a nice GMC Denali Diesel that was a fantastic way to cruise as it has an engine brake that made going down the grades a matter of setting the cruise and peeing away as I relaxed without having to touch the brake!

    Eventually I pulled over again to pee on all fours as I was getting concerned about leakage due to flow going basically down. Peeing on all fours soaks the front where the majority of the stuffing is, although I am quite impressed at the wicking of the higher end stuffings..

    Did I ever mention my slight case of female anatomy envy? In a very ironic twist here is a guy that has a slight envy of women who can just let it go and have it generally go where it is best absorbed. Men cannot really predict where it will go...

    Well, I pulled over to pee once again before I got to 12 and once again on 12 at which point I put on my plastic bloomers. Yes, bloomers. They are very long plastic pants that are fantastic for such an occasion as they really protect against leg leaks; they seal just above the knee. Even with the pads in my truck I am paranoid, and this helps reduce the chance of wet pants should I have to get out of the truck for some reason. I actually do get out early in my trip to go into convenience stores to get snacks and drinks. There I am, fully stuffed to the gills in my damp diaper with my button-down shirt hanging over my butt in baggy old mans pants. No one paid the slightest bit of attention near as I could tell, and since I was well away from home I could care less anyway! I have checked into hotels wearing a diaper that is on the verge of saturation; my suspender setup always holds it and I can do a very convincing waddle if I need to...

    So as I made my way down 12 towards home I began to pay the rent on the sips of tea I had been sneaking for a while. I was also getting hungry and there were no drive-ins on 12 in Packwood etc so I snacked on beef jerky and assorted other snacks. This required more tea and then followed by Sobe...

    I began to pee every 5 minutes or so. Just a bit each time, but try as I might I could not keep it from running down the right side of my diaper... I kept checking for wetness but was dry as a bone on the outside each time.

    I was just outside of Packwood when this began, and I did not stop drinking sips...

    By the time I got to the McDonalds in Spanaway I was pretty wet on the side and suspected that my bloomers were indeed soaking up the leakage in the cotton of the tight boxer shorts I use with the suspenders to hold up my diaper. I reluctantly ordered a QP with cheese to put something into my stomach and drank the Coke that came with it - I rarely drink Coke as I hate High Fructose Corn Crap which is in all American Coke. Even the Mexican Coke, which has real sugar, is not something I frequently drink although I much prefer it.

    I began to notice I might need to poo; I had decided when I began the trip that I would allow it if I was close enough to home and I certainly was at that point. I was not too concerned, but nothing ended up happening in the truck.

    I just kept soaking the diaper in small and large increments. It was actually really nice if you are into that kind of thing, and I most certainly am.

    I ate as much of the QPwC as I could handle and continued the 40 minutes or so remaining in my journey. I could not believe the amount of pee that seemed to be soaked up by that diaper, and even though it was constantly leaking down the side I did not really get the impression it was that much of a problem. I was amazed, but that is how it seemed.

    I crossed the bridge and a few minutes later arrived at home and got up for the first time since well before Packwood. I semi expected a flood to pour down the inside of the bloomers along my leg but I was dry as a bone near as I could tell. I did, however, have a very hard time getting my legs together! The diaper had swelled so much between my legs that all I could do was waddle into the house.

    I waddled around the house for a bit and began to really notice I was going to have to poo before I was done with the diaper. I considered my options as the diaper was truly saturated at that point but I do not have a sagging problem and it was tightly sealed.

    I decided to go for it as it generally adds to the experience once I begin to really enjoy the diaper. I was only concerned about the possibility of really messing up a Gary PUL and maybe even the Leakmaster. I generally do not poo in those diaper pants as pooing can stain and be harder to wash out. I have Klienert's pants for pooing in the morning and they do get stained even when washed immediately.

    I relaxed and slowly as I moved around the kitchen it began to slide out between my cheeks and into the diaper. Since the diaper was so full it met resistance which adds immensely to the pleasure as it begins to ooze up and down my butt. I was gratified to find that this was no small poo and it went on for much longer than I expected.

    After waddling around for a bit I eventually took care of my adult needs and had an absolutely fantastic time! There is simply nothing quite like a good diaper for when you have the need and are alone.

    I cleared away all the pads and such while enjoying a final few moments in my totally saturated and loaded diaper and headed into the shower to clean up. I kept expecting to see the evidence of massive leaking as I peeled away the layers, but I was dry all the way down to the Gary PUL pant with the Hanes under it... I was amazed.

    I was even more amazed as I pulled down the Gary PUL pant. The right side of the Hanes were totally soaked. I had leaked on that side, all right, but the combination of the Gary PUL pant over a thick cotton brief had worked perfectly and it totally prevented much more than a few drops from getting past it. I think there was a little bit of moisture on the outer cotton of the outer boxer shorts but not much at all.

    Needless to say I was quite pleased. The diaper was bulging with stuffing and you can see that nice splotchiness that a soaked diaper gets only the front was distended so much the plastic was pulled tight and slightly stretched. Very sexy if you are so inclined and erotic for sure!

    I got into the shower, pulled down the diaper which was not too bad and popped it into the bag and cleaned up. I find the wand works very well to clean off the worst of it and then I use a first run of body wash followed by several rounds of soap. All told pretty easy if you ask me. This time I put my foot over the drain in my shower for a while to let water build up and was very pleased at how rapidly it went down. No worries about clogs at this point!

    I hopped out and sat down to write this to you and now I am going to head in for some light dinner and TV. My bum is tingling from sitting in my diaper all day - it was not truly the most comfortable on my butt unfortunately but I tolerated it like any self-respecting DL would.

    I hope you enjoyed this, and if so you are very welcome. If not, let me know and I will never send anything like this again.

    Take care and have a great (wet) night!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Nessus View Post
    One thing I noticed was that peeing while driving does not seem to empty my bladder, which actually turns out to be something of a good thing as it slows the flooding.
    Yeah, it's really hard to go in the sitting position. I'm trying to remember how to explain this in a anatomy sense, but basically it puts everything in a bit of a bind, bladder wise, and it's hard to release. That's why a lot of times, you'll see guys lean back as they go. Makes it much easier.

    Also probably hard, since you're trying to concentrate on driving, and peeing also requires a bit of concentration. As a good driver, you were probably finding it difficult, and that's why you had to pull over.

    - - - Updated - - -

    I hope you enjoyed this, and if so you are very welcome. If not, let me know and I will never send anything like this again.
    No worries. This might be something you'll want to share in a journal.

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    Yes, it took practice and you are correct about the position. I suspect that is why I can pee so easily in the truck vs some of the cars I have driven while diapered like this.

    I am also very good at relaxing with very little effort or concentration so it is not that distracting while driving. I do make sure I am on a straight section at least until the flow gets going as that is what requires the most focus, but at no time do I feel unsafe. Having had a very accident prone youth I am a very cautious driver now, you can be sure of that!

    A journal, eh? Hmm. I guess that would be over in the blog section, eh? I might consider that an option now that you mention it. It seems a more appropriate place. Thanks for the tip!

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    You're also a lot more likely to leak when sitting. Gravity and the weight of your butt on the padding are both working against you, and the leak guards are almost useless.

    I did a "road trippin' in teddies" last year, 300 mile drive home from xmas with the family. I was down to a bambino teddy, a tshirt, and shoes the entire way. (good thing I didn't get pulled over I suppose!) Was quite soaked by the time I pulled into my driveway! But that was an experience for sure.

    Going while driving is, IMHO, one of the greater challenges. Sitting by itself is hard enough. Then add the motion. THEN add the driving.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nessus View Post

    A journal, eh? Hmm. I guess that would be over in the blog section, eh? I might consider that an option now that you mention it. It seems a more appropriate place. Thanks for the tip!
    Oops, sorry. Yeah meant blog. They're called different things on different sites. My mind was set on a different site that calls the blogs journals.

    Quote Originally Posted by bambinod View Post
    You're also a lot more likely to leak when sitting.
    Ahh yes, true. It doesn't have enough time to be absorb, & it's pressed out. Also the leaks guards aren't up to hold it all in to absorb.

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    And it was a rental car. That might have made for an interesting conversation if I had leaked....

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    I bought a reusable pad that I put on the seat first then I put a couple of changing pads down. I am very concerned about leaks, obviously, the more so as my seats are perforated leather and, well, that would not go well at all if I had a major leak.

    That said, I was astonished at how well the Gary Pants with the thick Hanes worked. Not a drop got past the Gary pant, and I thought for sure I was just soaked through and through. Not that I really cared, obviously, once I got home, but still. It was nice to know that this combination has at least the potential to be reliable. More testing is needed...

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    You now know that you can really, really trust that setup - you can do or go almost anywhere padded now.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nessus View Post
    I bought a reusable pad that I put on the seat first then I put a couple of changing pads down. I am very concerned about leaks, obviously, the more so as my seats are perforated leather and, well, that would not go well at all if I had a major leak.
    Since cloth just wicks and has no wetness-locking sap, you'll always feel wet when you're wet. If you want to feel dry, you'll need to go with disposables that contain some level of sap. Higher cost, easiler cleanup, etc. Cloth vs disposable is loaded with tradeoffs.

    (if your sappy disposable feels wet, there you've got problems brewing!)

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