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    Question Help finding a particular style

    My girl is very new to diapers, but she has taken a liking to them very quickly.
    She wears them whenever we are together, be it in my apartment or out and about with me. Her only limitation, which I share, is around family.

    She is a little picky about them, though, and it's driving me nuts trying to figure it out. When we are alone, at home, she will wear whatever I put her in, obviously, but out and about I fully accept that she has 100% say in what she will and will not wear.

    The solution we have settled on are Tena Lady Pants Discreet

    While these are pretty, which is important to her, they are not very dependable.
    She has leaked twice now, and it is putting a dent in her confidence. I can't let that continue, as I'm trying to build her up, not tear her down!

    What we are looking for, specifically, are these traits:

    • Low profile, does not stick out of the top of her pants too much.
    • That cloth-like texture, or otherwise as quiet as possible. Anyone that has worn in public has felt that paranoia, I'm sure!
    • Feminine looking, but failing that, plain.
    • Non-baby. She is becoming DL, and loves being taken care of, but as an adult, not a baby.

    To be clear on the "non-baby" thing, girly and cute is fine, just not baby-ish.
    You guys know what I'm talking about, right? It's a kind of "I know it when I see it" thing, so I'm sure you guys know it when you see it.


    "Just" girly:

    The obvious solution is to use GoodNites, of course, but the ones they have at the stores near here (Sweden, yay!) are a little too small for her, and they seem to carry one size. I'm also worried I'll still have the same problem, just with a different design.

    It being pull-up, taped or belted doesn't really matter.

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    5 days and... nothing!
    No ideas at all?

    Oh, and I finally convinced her that nobody can see or hear the Tena Flex diapers she wears at night, so she took a walk with the dog and me while wearing them.
    She rated it SCARY out of 10 points for comfort, with I WANT TO GO HOME out of 10 points for discretion. That's exactly how she felt about the Tena Pants Discreet ones at first, so as her confidence builds I'm sure she'll appreciate it more.

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    Always discreet are great but I don't like due to too thin for DL, but they are pretty and soak up a lot. I like Goodnites feel better even though they are a tad narrow in the crotch. My husband really prefers me in Goodnites to the adult stuff. I always get good comments when wearing them.

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    Yes, they are supremely cute!
    Too bad they're a little small on my girl, as we can't get XLs here for some reason. I guess I'll keep searching!

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    If money isn't that much of an issue, I've found that stuffing the tena discreet's with the 'core' from a goodnite/underjam makes them go a lot further. I wrote about it in a thread a few years ago:

    Although the design may have changed a bit since then.

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    if you like the baby blocks design above, that's a bambino classico.

    If you are looking for a completely all-white diaper, there are several options in varying capacities (and conversely thickness):

    - dry247 confidry "5"
    - bambino bianco "4"
    - tena super basic "2"

    all of those have good standing leak guards

    XP Medical also makes the A+ level 3 and 4, which are all pulp and have no leak guards but are still fairly good capacity and are all white

    no disposable diaper protects well against leaks when sitting, if that's the issue you will need to look into cloth and plastic pants

    if the "diaper tail" out the back is a problem, you'll need to pick a litle more carefully on the size of your diaper, try to pick the smallest size that fits. Make sure to tape the uppers around the belt line and no higher, to keep the back low. This may lead to a significant bulge in the front if you tape the lowers where you need to, around the legs to prevent leaks. (not inward toward the middle / each other) Either accept the bulge or try a smaller size or different diaper.

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