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    Hello there! Goodness, has it been three years? It feels like no time at all. Three years ago, I went by the name of MarcSaintClair on this here website. Unfortunately, I was 15 at the time, and I'm sure we all remember the tragic month that was December 2012. Now, three years wiser and no longer a minor, I've come to rejoin this community! I initially tried to contact the admins to get my old account reinstated, but I haven't had any luck, so I decided to just create a new account since the old one is probably decayed anyway.

    With that in mind, not a whole lot has changed since then. I'm a very techy kind of guy; I'm going to school for computer science. I've been interested in computers for as long as I can remember - all that information at your fingertips, it's daunting and very exciting. I'm looking to go into cyber-security.

    My biggest recreational interests are video games and writing. The first video game I ever played was GoldenEye on the N64 at the age of 2, if you can believe it. My parents had to take the game away from me until I was older for... obvious reasons. :P Right now, Team Fortress 2 is at the top of my list of games, something that was definitely not the case when I last visited ADISC. It went from something I hated with a fiery passion to one of my favorite games ever.

    Writing is my other great passion. While essays are my forte, I have also delved into the world of fan fiction. I'm not the greatest fiction writer by any stretch of the imagination, but I'm currently working on an ABDL fanfic for Team Fortress 2. It is - sadly - my greatest work, at least fictionally. I'm not sure if I could ever see myself writing a novel, but I have certainly considered journalism as an alternative career should computer science not work out for some reason.

    As far as why I'm here, the reason is much the same as when I was here originally, and why I imagine most of us are here: to be part of a community of like-minded individuals. I began experimenting with ABDL at a very young age, and I felt... wrong. Discovering that I was not alone by a long shot made everything seem so much better. It's nice to know that this website contains a mature community with whom genuine friendships can be made, with no ulterior motives or implications.

    I guess that's it. It's good to be back!

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    Welcome back! It's always nice when the teen members come back!

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    That's awesome you came back!

    I see you are interested in security. Do you do any CTFs at moment?

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    CTFs...? No, I'm not even sure what that means, honestly. I'm still in high school, I haven't begun study yet.

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    CTFs are Capture The Flag competitions. They're exercises in various network security topics. They come in many shapes and sizes.

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