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Thread: Wearing Diaper Overnight

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    I find it comfortable to wear a nappy overnight putting a clean one on going to bed. However, most of the nights I have done this, I have not peed in it during the night because I haven't needed to. It is just on me clean until the next morning when I pee in it then, leaving it on for the few minutes until the alarm clock goes off and I need to get dressed. This gives me the extra few minutes to relax and snooze. Recently wearing one overnight though I woke up about an hour and half earlier earlier than normal, and needed to pee so used my nappy. However, I never went back to sleep.

    So, if any of you pee in your nappy during the night do you change it and wear a clean one then until morning? Or do you just wear one nappy overnight, pee if you need to and go back asleep? Just wondoring if peeing and leaving it on is something that can affect sleep, because I didn't feel uncomfortable in any way leaving it on having used it.


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    I normally wake up during the night, wet my diaper and go back to sleep. Beats getting up and going to the toilet

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    If I wake up to pee at night while I've got a diaper on, I'll pee in it and then go back to sleep in my wet diaper. The only time I change is if I went to bed already wet and using it during the night causes a leak, in which case I'll get it off, clean up, and change to a dry one for the rest of the night.

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    Pretty much do the same, though I rarely wear at night. Just wet it when I need to go and change if full, but I never had problems sleeping.

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    I don't usually wear at night, it gets really warm and uncomfortable

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    I have been wearing to bed every night for about two years now.I love sleeping in them.It also saves having to get out of bed to pee in the cold.

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    Even though I rarely have dribbles or a leak at night it has happened, so I wear an ATN diaper every night. Haven't had a wet sheet since.
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    I normally change if I wake up in the middle of the night wet but most of the time I don't notice until morning

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    Most nights I wear its not used until very close to wake-up time anyway. But it is nice just going and rolling over to get another 1hr or so of sleep.

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    I almost never wake up in the middle of the night, but I will use my diaper before I fall asleep sometimes. Unless it's so wet its leaking I don't change it.

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