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    As A diaper lover , I'm Fascinated by the idea of incontinence
    So I wanted to Try it for Real
    I bought a Foley Catheter Kit ( Includes Flush , Lubricant , gloves , Needles and the catheter it was size 16 )
    My Experience is as follows
    1. Insertion was very painful ( I don't want to experience that pain again)
    2. As soon as I inserted it , urine started coming out and it was messy
    3. Was a bit difficult during diaper change because while taking the diaper out , the catheter was still pouring urine
    4. I felt some burning sensation while the catheter was on.
    5. catheter removal was also painful
    6. and most importantly the nice feeling you get while diapered when u pass urine is gone , u don't know when urine comes out and you don't feel it
    my overall experience , was unsatisfactory , never want to repeat it again
    anyone shares some feelings ideas !?

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    I've thought of doing this. But like you say - seems far too painful. And the risk of infection seems relatively high for me given that I'm not a medical professional. I hate the thought of having to explain an infection for this cause to a doctor or my spouse. As a young male, it seems that the primary cause of uti is sex related - so I'd worry about destroying trust.

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    Honestly I would just take the approach of wearing diapers all the time and going when you first feel the urge. It's safer and there's less risk of bodily harm that way.

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    If I ever want to pursue 24/7, I'm not sure I would try this route. It would for give the real thing instantaneously, but would be very painful. We can all learn from each others experiences!

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    I had to catheterize myself for about six weeks after invasive back surgery. I was so glad when the swelling went down, my spinal nerves recovered and I was able to pee naturally. It was a scary situation and was no fun. I had to be careful about sterilizing the catheters, and using them was a nuisance. I got to where it didn't hurt putting it in or taking it out, but when the day came where I actually felt like I could go and pee, and was overjoyed.

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    I definitely would not take it that far. I am strongly of the opinion that one must be careful with one's body and if there is any chance of damage or problems I will not do it.

    I agree that you can simulate IC reasonably well if you have the opportunity to relax in a position where you can easily pee. Yesterday I took a very long cruise in a very heavily boosted Abena and eventually got to the point where I was peeing every 5 mins or so. This happened because I could not empty my bladder fully and I began a cycle of peeing a bit at a time every 5 mins. It also often went into the stuffing so I did not even feel it. I got to the point where I was not sure if I was still peeing at times yet clearly was.

    It cleared up as soon as I stopped needing to pee or was able to get on all fours in the back of the truck and flood my diaper.

    I have to say it was a very interesting experience, one that I will probably repeat in the future.

    EDIT: I will add that you can be fairly sure that most IC people would prefer not to be even if they like diapers. I have thought about this and decided that I would prefer to control my diaper use than have it the other way around. While not at all the same as having a monkey on your back, the end result in some ways is not too different from the control perspective, and I can be reasonably sure many folks that are truly IC would strongly suggest it is not a desirable condition for most folks even if they are into diapers.
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    Be careful you can really hurt your self Using catheters if you are not trained to insert them correctly and should only use them by a doctors order for a medical condition peeing all the time randomly in a diaper may sound like fun but it's not, you never know when you are going to flood and always have to have spare diapers to change into.

    I have an OAB and flood with out warning so I have no choice but to wear changing up to 4 times a day or more gets old quick. Keep your control of you bladder and only release once in a while if you must but try not to force your body to be stuck in diapers for the rest of your life. It's expensive, messy, and a pain to have to carry a diaper bag where ever you go.

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    Be careful what you wish for.. it is anything BUT enjoyable.

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