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    Looking for people currently enlisted in the US Army. Or have been enlisted in the US Army.
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    I'm sorry I am not current soldier but i am a veteran of the Army does that count?

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    Just looking for people who can hopefully answer questions so yep a veteran would count. My apologies for not saying vetrans also.

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    Perfectly OK with that well I was a 13F Mos when I was in. 1 tour in Iraq... So what's your questions?

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    How did you do everything did you have diapers or did you go without

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    Depends on what it was I did wear diapers 70% of the time. The only times I didn't was during PT, Road Marches, and those awful drug test and staying in the field. Other than that it was standard. I wore Goodnites, Depends, and Tranquility Slimline,

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    There are a few threads about this from earlier: here, here, and here. There's quite a bit of debate on the advisability of being padded, mostly boiling down to only if you have more privacy.

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