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Thread: trying to find something for my girl friend

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    Default trying to find something for my girl friend

    okay i have been trying to find cloth training pants with dragons on them. i have been looking for them since late September i just cant find any. if anybody can help me direct me in the right direction.

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    you might have to buy them plain and get someone to embroyder the pattern

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    I've been thinking the same thing but I have been hoping to find a website that sells them.

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    Many of the sellers on eBay and etsy will do custom work based on their advertised designs. Find some you like (shape/design etc) and send them a note asking about the dragons... I bet you'll find someone.

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    The guy will make you some, with anything you can dream up on them. Sorry I didn't link you to it, but every time I try to post a link, there's a glitch that makes me have to log back into ADISC.

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