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Thread: Dealing with light-moderate incontinence?

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    Over the past year or so, my urgency of having to urinate has been getting a bit worse. Basically, I often have to urinate (maybe anywhere from 5-12 times a day) and whenever I do, I always get a very strong urge and always leak a bit. Sometimes this urge disappears after a minute or two, and other times I leak a lot more (up to a few ounces) and the urgency just starts again. I have grown to wearing pull-ups or heavy pads most days and I do feel a lot more confident when I do.

    I bought this up with my urologist (who I am seeing for an unrelated issue), but she just performed a urine sample (which was healthy) and said she didn't want to put me on meds or anything since I was so young (26). I see her again next week and wonder how I could bring it up again so that she would do something.

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    Tell them its a problem ask if they could look into it more
    Ive been struggling with urge incontinence for 2 years when I saw my urologist for the first time he immediately ordered blood and urine tests followed by an ultrasound after those he started medication while I was at the age of 19 I was on it until my cystoscopy and when I told him it wasnt working he took me off it now im waiting for urodynamics
    being thorough is very important so press this as much as you need to that being said it might help a little if you let us know what the reason your seeing your urologist is

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    I usually have daily episodes of urge and overflow incontinence myself. My primary care physician has yet to refer me to a urologist, however, because he wants to get my glucose levels under control (I am a Type II Diabetic). I wear adult diapers, booster pads, and a pair of water-proof vinyl pants pretty much most of every day now. So far, the combination seems to be working without leakage (or very little. I wish you the best of luck as you sort out your particular issues with your incontinence, Lantis.

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    I have urge inco aswell, some days its ok and others its really bad. I started off using drynites (goodnites), went on to pullups, both leaked so now wear diapers when Im out and at night. I havent seen doc about it as Ive always had it and it varies alot, I dont have diabetes or kidneys problems.

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    I always wear cloth diapers and plastic pants to bed. During the day I can usually get by with wearing Tena super-absorbent pull-ups.

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    I use a Depends Fit-Flex Pull-up with an Assurance "Guard" Pad with some slits in the back. This combination has worked great for my minor urge incontinence which is usually just dribbles but every once in a while it's a small flood. In fact it will even take two small floods and a few dribbles with ease. If things aren't too bad I can usually get away with no changes for 8+ hours with no problems. This combo is also quite discreet when dry but the pad must have a lot of SAP in it because it swells up a lot when full. Just a note here though, the Depends pull-up swells up a good bit too so when they're both soaked it can add good bit of bulk and show a bit.

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    From what I've read on urge ic, it sounds like I'm starting to have that. I'm 37, over weight pre diabetic, so I know these are risk factors for urge ic. I always drank a lot anyways, water juice coffee tea. in the past 2 years I was diagnosed with sleep apnea and do cpap, over these past 2 years or so it seems like my frequency of urination has increased, like usually 8-12 times a day. When I do pee, sit down , even tho I'm a guy it's easier being visually impaired. I notice after that I have a decent amount of dribble after and a few mins later the slight uge to pee again, cuz there's a bit leftover but it's not enuff left to make me wanna have to use the toilet again. also during the day I've had very few occasions where I'll randomly drip a tiny bit for no reason. when i do have to pee it starts as a slight urge but it gets worse pretty fast, id say i could hold it for like 20 mins at most before i gotta pee. My occasional bedwetting started around the time I started using the cpap and slightly increased when I started doing melatonin. Bedwetting is anywhere from 0-4 times a week. The ugency and post dribble are most annoying to me. I wonder if I've gotten a smaller bladder from wearing diapers or if it's the start of urge ic or both. I'll be seeing my doctor in late may and will bring up my thoughts. it's quite a pain in the ass having to worry about if I'm close to a bathroom especially when I use public transportation or walk to get around. There's been numerous times when I'm waiting for the bus and can't just run to pee for fear of missing the bus Or hold it and hope I make it home to pee. I've not had any major true accidents during the day as of yet. I always make sure I'm diapered when I an out for the day just in case. I know they say don't drink this, that or whatever, but everything is gonna make u pee. I know especially before bed but I've stopped caring about the bedwetting because it's not on a nightly basis and it's kinda hit or miss. There are times when I'll drink water or juice or tea or have a fun night and drink 4 or 5 beers before bed and not wet my diaper during sleep. Then there are times like last night where I drink 2 beers and wake up in a wet diaper this morning. My guess is that pre diabetes is combined with liquid intake, and possibly smaller bladder from diaper use over the years, is why I find myself where I'm at.
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    If you are male and having issues with urge incontinence, it is wise to check with your urologist. At a "routine" rectal exam, my primary care physician previously had noted that my prostate was not swollen and thought all to be o.k.. However, at my urologist's office during the "mother of all rectal exams" it was found that, while my prostate was not swollen, it was inflamed and painful, indicating a low-grade prostatitis infection. The examination was not "comfortable," but I really am glad that I checked with my urologist. That problem is being treated with antibiotics.


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    I used to have that problem Lantis, a few years back.. around your age, actually. I'd have to go urinate often, 6-12 times a day.. cold weather it would be up to 15. I cut soda out of my daily ritual and it slowly dropped in times that I'd have that urge to go. I go maybe 4-5 times a day now and have been off soda and pretty much anything carbonated for over 3 years now.

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