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Thread: Simulating Messing a diaper differently

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    Talking Simulating Messing a diaper differently

    Hi I'm new here, I love messing diapers, but I need to find an alternative when I can't poop. Right now I'm stuffing lots of toilet paper into a pair of briefs and putting 5-6 pairs over the original pair. Any ideas for simulating messing a diaper without the mess?

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    The best option I have heard of is putting wet/warm oatmeal in your diaper to simulate messing. This seems like the best option because oatmeal is healthy for your skin.

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    Yeah, oatmeal is a good substitute. It feels good and doesn't stink. I definitely recommend it!

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    Someone suggested mashed potatoes not too long ago.

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    I'd imagine Cream of Wheat, or Grits, would work well, too.

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    Quote Originally Posted by imaxdep View Post
    Yeah, oatmeal is a good substitute. It feels good and doesn't stink. I definitely recommend it!
    Be sure to let it cool considerably before doing this, as burns to your bum and/or wee-wee are NO FUN (...unless you're a masochist, in which case *go wild*)!

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    I use a mix of mashed potatoes, two packs of gelatin for a larger batch and one for a smaller, and since I have it, some arrowroot powder as a thickener. I add a liberal amount of baby oil and baby lotion and then water. Mix to the desired consistency and then put it into something like a frosting bag or some sort of baking syringe (I am looking for the latter and currently use a grout bag which is the same as a frosting bag).

    I find that adding it using the bag or syringe after I put the diaper on best simulates the real thing, and you can stay in this mix for hours as it does not decompose or change in any way and actually conditions your butt in the process!

    Speaking of which, I have to say my butt and private parts are feeling softer than ever since I started slathering coconut oil all over my diaper area before putting on my diaper. I also soak the booster or diaper with baby oil which immediately gives a nice slightly squishy feeling while lubricating your skin. So far it has proven to really improve my experience quite a bit!

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    Oatmeal from the packets - quick and easy. I am not into this but did try it about 2 years ago. I slept through the whole night and woke up to a great feeling without the smell. Washes away easy (put the majority in the toilet first!

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    Some really good "messy" tips here. Thanks to all as I am having an inner "do I mess or do I not mess my diaper" debate with

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    To answer your question, I once used flour, water and a little oil. Just mix it up to your desired consistency and viola! Add coffee powder for colour. It takes a while to prepare, but this method offers you greater control on the consistency.

    Having said all these, I don't advocate doing this often as it is food after all... The one time I tried this was when I found some expired flour which was lying around.
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