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Thread: Lurker OUT!

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    Default Lurker OUT!

    I'm have to post this because i was naughty and became a LURKER!!
    I'm safe now right??

    Well i guess i should tell a bit about myself....
    (i like the "enter" button)

    I...I.....I like to wear diapers and footies and suck on a pacifier!!!..... Wait....... other people do that too? I thought i was all alone... that's a relief.

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    Hello and welcome to the forums. You'll find that most of us enjoy diapers as well, and a great deal also enjoy baby things such as pacifiers. So you've come to the right place!

    Would you like to share anything else about yourself?

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    lol, very nice intro. Yeah I think there's a few of us here that wear diapers.

    Howdy & welcome.

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    welcome,, and i can relate on both the Lurker,, i tend to do a lot of reading and not much commenting,, and the DL footies etc, i haven't
    made a post for a long time so again welcome..

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