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Thread: An easy way to choose a new product

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    Default An easy way to choose a new product

    Here is a very informative video of the decision making process that goes into finding which product is best for you.

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    Cute. Hate the language though. F words just turn me off.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fascinating View Post
    Cute. Hate the language though. F words just turn me off.
    Yes...I agree on the language. The gratuitous use of such words tells me that the user probably just learned those words recently and just can't wait
    to use them, possibly demonstrating some kind of maturity (?) In truth, juvenile show & tell is all that comes across to me.

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    Makes sense. Maybe if I watch it with the vilume all the way down I can enjoy it without that.

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    No. The language tells me the user is probably from New Jersey, such as myself, or New York. When I was in 3rd grade, we all talked like the kids from South Park. It's what you get used to. Now by the F work, you mean frankfurter, right?

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