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    I am looking for a good mattress cover that will go on like a fitted sheet and cover the whole bed. It needs to be noise-free and not something that I will really feel under the fitted sheet. And, of course, it must protect against leaks. Any suggestions from anyone who has one that fits this criteria? To the extent it matters, my bed is king-sized and cost is not a major concern.

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    I have one I Picked up at bed bath and beyond a good while ago. It isn't vinyl or plastic, makes really no sound, it completely zipped up over the mattress. Can't recall the brand, but its probably similar to some of the newer materials they have out there that don't crinkle but go over diapers.

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    I've gotten some good ones at Walmart before. Can't remember the brand, but the completely cover the mattress, are water proof, no plastic noise, & you can either get one that completely encases the mattress & closes with a zipper, or one that just goes on like a fitted sheet.

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    hmm, I have one that goes on like a fitted sheet and is just padded with no plastic.

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    IKEA has a good terry covered non crinkling one. They last about a year which is better than most plastic ones.

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    Rather expensive, but how about Gary Vinyl Mattress Covers, has anyone tried them?

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    I had the cheap Walmart kind, but it was loud and too stiff for my liking. Still on the hunt for a better kind that won't break the bank!

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    I have not gotten a king size one yet, but would like to see some reviews on what is the best option first.

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    Iirc north shore care makes some very nice ones.

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    Target has had some good silent mattress covers. Bed, Bath and Beyond is a bit more expensive, but of high quality.

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