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Thread: Windows 7 beta

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    Talking Windows 7 beta

    I downloaded the beta last night, has anyone else here done it, (yeah i know i'm contributing to "bug #1" but i'm curious) anyways, wish me luck in installing it and having it work right with my laptop, as ubuntu unfortunately didnt get sound.

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    tell us how it goes, i can't wait till windows 7 comes out, hopfully it won't be like vista

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    The Task bar looks quite alot like Mac but still simmiar to Vista. I do, however, really like the loading screen on 7.

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    ive had it for quite some time!!! and i love it!!

    its gotta be one of the best os's microsoft has ever unleashed, and thats withouth all the touchscreen tech, cant wait til i but a touchscreen and try this bad boy out!

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    From the screenshots I've seen it just looks like it's taken all the worst bits of vista and chucked them into together in a giant mixing bowl, baked for 45 minutes and produced a soggy, tasteless cake of UGLY. But I suppose I can't pass judgement without trying it. So, I'm downloading it now. When I've tried it out, I'll be able to REALLY hate it

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    I've been running it on my tablet for a month. It's pretty decent for the most part. I never used Vista, so I can't really compare on that account, but this one runs pretty well.

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    I can not get it to install XD.

    Hell I had trouble with linux on this laptop O.o.

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    The taskbar is the best of all improvements, it really makes things faster and nicer I love it.

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    Butterfly Mage


    So far, I like the beta quite a bit. Of course, it's buggy as all get out. but visually, I like it. It's also quite a bit faster than Vista.

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    I just got it up and running 15 minutes ago, havent even got firefox going yet! so far i like it. and i dont have any initial problems.

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