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Thread: disosable or cloth and plastic pants?

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    Default disosable or cloth and plastic pants?

    Hello, so I have an issue. Being a dl isn't one tho. So there are a number of plastic backed disposables in the market, I would like to find one as a night time diaper, but it can't be overly crinkly. Any ideas on a best pick, the cloth backed disposables I find don't snug up as good as tapes. And also the option of a cloth diaper and pants, but once again they can't be to crinkly, the wife, is fine with either or but just can't be to noisy. Mostly just night time activites, dishes, watching tv and sleeping. Any help to sort thro all the options would be apreciated. Thanks

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    The all-good cloth diaper would be your best bet for any kind of diaper. It doesn't matter whether it's day or night, cloth diapers are your best bet for cost and comfort.

    Although they are definitely not quite as convenient as disposables.

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    get something with a textured plastic shell. several brand of plastic-shelled diapers have a roughed texture and are pretty quiet. In some of those cases though, they break the silence by applying a hard plastic retaping panel. (the totaldry plus has a very quiet textured plastic shell, but has a fairly loud tape panel)

    It's hard to judge how loud a diaper will be simply by construction. XP Medical's Absorbency Plus diapers are entirely a soft thin plastic shell so they're really quiet. But after awhile of wearing them, they start to clump and lose the soundproofing as the padding detaches from the shell, and actually get very loud.

    Tena Slip Maxi come in two varieties. The "new" / "euro" style has sheer clothlike wings attachced to a soft/thin plastic shell. The diaper is high sap so it doesn't clump and get noisy, and has no hard retape panel. No unpadded plastic wings to crinkle. So it's a really quiet compromise with very good capacity.

    There are many other options.

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    Regarding plastic pants that aren't too noisy, try Gary, milky white, or Babykins Softies. Also, you could use PUL pants, but these feel more like cloth.

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    Yes, PUL is very soft and quiet. I used the Leakmaster high backs over my cloth diapers and they make little to no noise.

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    I myself wear cloth-like outer disposable diapers.
    I do wear plastic pants over them at night.
    The plastic pants brand I use are the cheap FiberLinks Textiles, Inc. plastic pants.
    They are soft, but after a lot of use, the heat-welded side-seams have a tendency to experience mechanical tension failure.

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    Quote Originally Posted by caitianx View Post
    They are soft, but after a lot of use, the heat-welded side-seams have a tendency to experience mechanical tension failure.
    This causes me to want a whole article on Diaper Failure Modes.

    It would be hilarious and awesome.

    To the OP: Going to cloth diapers and plastic pants isn't something to be done lightly. Laundry and all... Have you thought about what kind(s) you'd like to try? I'll second BabyBike1's recommendation of the Gary plastic pants. I use the 4-mil vinyl pull-ons (by Gary) sold through Changing Times. They're very comfy, soft, and relatively quiet. I'll get around to trying PUL at some point. As for cloth diapers, I'm partial to prefolds, but if you want to talk through your options there, you might consider a new thread.

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    Everything iscover my suit, but I find that cloth diapers fit Kitter's Eco-Friendly attitude that was prevalent at the time he lives (Early 90's).

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    With me, it's cloth diapers, soaker pads and plastic pants.

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    I like both. I almost always wear cloth diapers and plastic pants at night and disposables (Tena pull-ups) during the day for convenience if I am going somewhere. If I am going to be around the house during the day I will wear cloth diapers then also.

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