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Thread: Hi, I'm Luci :)

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    Default Hi, I'm Luci :)

    Hey there,
    I am Luci, an Little / Adult Child from Germany. My little me (Luci) is a 5 year old girl who still needs nappies, loves plush toys and pretends to be a Panda from time to time
    For me having a Little me is kind of a lifestyle not only a fetish ^^ So from time to time I can be a little childish.

    In real life I just finished my master degree in International Marketing and am currently looking for a job in either Germany or the UK. I am in love with Canada since I have spend my term abroad there and love animals and to be outside and take pictures.

    I am active in this scene since 2011 and am normally a pretty active member of the WBC (biggest German forum). I am organizing meetings in Cologne and found quite a few great friends in this scene. Now I am looking forward to talk to a lot of nice people from all over the world.

    Luci, the panda

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    Hello Luci and welcome to the group.

    This is a very nice and informative introduction.

    My family is from Cologne and Melhouser. (if I am spelling it correctly)

    Again welcome to the group.


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    Hey hey Luci,

    you found your way here!

    > So from time to time I can be a little childish

    a "little" childish?

    Enjoy adisc!

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    Hey Luci,

    it's nice to see that you decided to join here.

    So welcome & viel Spaß hier ;)

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    Howdy and welcome to the site. That's really cool that you're organizing meet-UPS.

    My family is from Germany as well. I would have to ask what towns exactly tho.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Luci View Post
    Hey there,
    I am Luci, an Little / Adult Child from Germany. [...]
    Luci, the panda
    Willkommen Freund, ich wünsche Ihnen unser Bestes!

    What other interests of yours, would you care to share with us... we would like to get to know you better as you become more comfortable with us too.

    I am sure that you will not be disappointed here!

    Cheers and Guten tag!

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    Hey hey,
    thanks for all your nice words. I am always amazed how many people actually have family in Germany ^^ So if you ever happen to be in Cologne let me know

    @Jona: :P now you can tease me via WBC, Whatsapp and Adisc. Wonderful

    @Marka: As I said, I like animals, Photography and on top of that I love to play the guitar and the piano. I am in love with Nintendo (especially Mario Kart and Zelda) ^^


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    Hej Luci,


    Quote Originally Posted by Luci View Post
    I am organizing meetings in Cologne [...]
    And you organize this really great. I hope, you like to do it for a long time...

    best wishes

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    @ Malin: Uhh that must be someone from WBC...If I should guess I would say it is Ginni? (female, likes cats ^^) am I right?

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