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    Hi, I'm lilun. I'm not very good at giving an introduction of myself, but here's the pertinent information. I'm a college student seeking a degree in philosophy and theology from the local university. I work in retail at a major mall here and do a great deal of volunteering with the Church. I also enjoy outdoorsmanship (things like hiking, camping, fishing, and backpacking), woodworking, photography (I shoot with a Nikon D500 series), etc. Finally, just to place myself in the community, I'm a little, and am seeking friendship here.

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    Hi lilun! Welcome to the group. That was a good introduction. There are a few other Texans here as well as some photographers. Maybe if you're up to it you can share a photo or two. You wouldn't happen to be a former Boy Scout would you? Just curious as hiking, camping, woodworking and photography are all merit badges.

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    hello lilun. That introduction was not bad at all actually. Please feel free to post some more if you feel comfortable doing so. Thank you for coming here on ADISC!

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