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Thread: Turning twenty

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    Default Turning twenty

    today I turn twenty years old. It feels weird to think of myself as twenty instead of any number with the suffix "teen", but I guess that's because it's been that way for so long. There's not much special that happens at 20 I think, but it's still kinda cool.
    What did yall do for your twentieth birthday?

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    Went to my uncle, the same for every birthday.

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    Nothing, I felt crap! I never turned down any opportunities, but I just felt that I missed out on just being a kid. I've just called it my quarter-life crisis

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    Happy birthday's just another birthday it doesn't change who you are, but it is kinda nice when you're not being little, to be past the teens.... playing big games is fun as little games sometimes. Anyway you will always be just the way you are on the inside. Enjoy being twenty but don't let it change you. oh btw I just kinda partied with my partner and a couple of mates pretty low key afair.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ajsco View Post
    Nothing, I felt crap! I never turned down any opportunities, but I just felt that I missed out on just being a kid. I've just called it my quarter-life crisis
    I think I just got out of that.

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    Yeah I guess you're right, all of you lol I woke up feeling like crap cuz I was lit till 2, and yeah I'm 20 on paper but it really doesn't mean I have to suddenly change into someone else. I'm the same guy I was yesterday at 19 XD

    It's my first birthday away from home, out at college away from my family

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    It's been so long since I turned twenty that I can't remember what I did! Anyway, happy birthday, Butterscotch.

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    Twenty was nothing. I was in college, not old enough to drink, and had voted when I was 18 (happened there was a Presidential election that year). So, very little changed for me.

    Thirty, on the other hand, was hard. I had just started grad school, and I was literally the second-oldest of the cohort of 67 with which I started. There I was with a bunch of 20-somethings fresh out of undergrad or with only a couple years in the working world, and I had been in the corporate world for eight years by then. I went from being the youngest on the team (at work) to feeling like I was the world-worn wise elder statesman in the blink of an eye. Then I turned 30 pretty much right then at the same time. And suddenly I found myself feeling old.

    My thoughts? Roll with it, whatever it feels like. Chances are good that if you're feeling like there's something to turning X, there's more at play than just the number. What you're up with your life and how you're conducting yourself are way more important than a number that society uses to preconceive how it feels you should act.

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