View Poll Results: What do you like to wear with your diaper at home?

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  • A T-shirt

    44 58.67%
  • My bath robe

    4 5.33%
  • Underwear/Vinyl pants/Rubber pants

    21 28.00%
  • Nothing, just my diaper

    20 26.67%
  • Other

    30 40.00%
Multiple Choice Poll.
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Thread: What do you like to wear with your diaper at home?

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    Default What do you like to wear with your diaper at home?

    Just another poll to pique my curiosity: what do you like to wear with your diaper when you are at home?

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    +1 for the correct use of "pique," though I assume you mean that you want this to satisfy your curiosity rather than raise it.

    I voted "other" because I dress normally when I'm wearing a diaper. Maybe it's because I'm a DL and have no AB tendencies, but I've never had any desire to wear anything special with or over my diapers. I like putting on a diaper and going about my business as I do my business. That's the fun for me.


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    I ticked "Tshirt" because that is my normal attire around my place but I do like to wear a pad in my pullups, and sometimes even a pair of undies. Unfortunately I do not have my plastic pants to wear at the moment due to an "destructive argument" with the

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    Depends on the time of day. What I wear over my diaper and cover varies with how I dress.

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    Sissy Little Girl clothes of course when no one is around!

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    I like to wear something that's comfortable, usually sweatpants and a T-shirt while at home, or if it's hot out, a pair of shorts instead of pants. I also usually have some underwear on over the diaper to help keep things in place.

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    I put t shirt and Diaper only. I only will wear a white shirt though and I have one diaper only once when I woke up early before anyone else but I sleep in only a diaper quite a bit.

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    Since I wear at night, sometimes it's my Eeyore nightshirt and a diaper or if its a warm night then just my diaper.

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