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Thread: waddle diaper and disposable diaper question.

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    Default waddle diaper and disposable diaper question.

    Hi I'm looking for a waddle diaper that will prevent me from closing my legs when i sleep. I've been looking around and found this and was looking at this
    I'm not sure exactly what i need or should be looking for.

    Also im trying to find disney princess diapers if anyone knows a place to get diapers with designs like blue clues etc

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    Greetings! This looks like your first post. Please take a moment and introduce yourself here.
    As for your question, printed diapers for adults are hard to find. If you have a small enough waist for toddler ones, you're lucky. You just have to shop around. The prints come and go in cycles as to whatever is popular. As for not closing your legs, those are good choices. You could also wear one diaper with a larger one over it or stuff your diaper with a stuffer or smaller diaper. Hope this helps! Enjoy!

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    If you want something where you can't close your legs then look no further: Adult Baby Shop (wouldn't mind one of them myself to be honest.)

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    Multiple diapers would get you the desired result too.

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    better hope you're not a side-sleeper, that'll get real uncomfortable real quick.

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