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    Lightbulb Be Prepared - Just in Case

    At some point in the near future, I'll have to be in the hospital for awhile for a surgery.

    For awhile, I didn't know if I'd know when I'd have to go. It could've been a sudden thing, & I'd have to go. Looks like now, I'll be able to schedule it.

    For safety, I packed a small bag with a few days worth of clothes & a toiletry bag, & other things like chargers & electronics. This way, when I go, I can have someone simply get the bag for me, instead of going through my dresser / closet...and finding...stuff...

    I think I'll leave a bag packed like this for a future "just in case" something happens.

    I'm not exactly sure where I'll leave this bag. But I really think this'll be a good idea, to stop people from finding stuff while trying to pack a bag for me, if I ever unexpectedly find myself in a hospital.

    Might leave it in the closet, with a note; & make sure everything else is far out of sight. I've got a bench at the end of the bed. That could be a good place to put it as well.

    I've always been one of those people that likes to be prepared in advance. I always follow the motto of "I'd rather have it, & not need it; than need it, & not have it."

    Being prepared has helped me during extreme weather conditions like ice storms & tornados.

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    That's good planning if you've got any reasonable expectation of needing something like that. No sense giving anyone a legitimate excuse to go and dig around in your stuff. At least at the moment, if anyone has to look in my closet for stuff, the jig is up.

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