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    Just ordered my first adult sized pacifier from, there $14.95, but right now there $5 off until the 14th. I will post a review and pictures as soon as i get it, i got the pink one! ^-^

    Click image for larger version. 

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    I also have a few baby pacifiers i will post pictures tomorrow. Feel free to post pictures of your own pacifiers, i would love to see them?

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    how good are they i think there cute i am just not sure how good they are?

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    Quote Originally Posted by babysnow View Post
    how good are they i think there cute i am just not sure how good they are?
    It hasn't come in the mail yet, but i'll let you know once i get it!

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    I think sizewise these are my favorite.

    Normal baby sized pacifiers are too small for me. The medic pros (nuk 5) are a pretty decent size. The baby pants pacifier was too big for me (and it didn't collapse and the silicon was rough feeling).

    The aww so cute pacifier has a nice smooth texture to the silicone while being a bit smaller than the medic pros. It fits well in my mouth and does a better job of keeping my teeth from grinding than other pacifiers ime.

    The sizing thing is really a subjective issue. For me, the aww so cutes are great. I just wish there were more guard choices (other than just colors).

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    It is terrific to see that a group is bringing in binkies at reasonable base prices. I went to order, but found that to ship to Canada (or elsewhere internationally) it would cost an additional 9.00$ US. I guess I will have to wait for my allowance.

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    i personally use 18-36months latex pacifiers during day and when driving or chilling at home. Basically anytime im alone i have one in my mouth. At night time i use a NUK5 as it stays in my mouth while sleeping and the toddler ones dont but using a nuk5 all day would wear it out i go through them quite a bit and having one for car one for home and one for sleep helps me have them for a longer time before getting a new one.

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    I'll have to take a look at their selection sometime. It's good to see other companies making larger pacis, so that the prices are starting to come down.

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    Wow, that's amazing! I bought my ab paci for 26 bucks and although it was well worth it I still think that those pacis are WAY too overpriced. -grumbles in a corner-

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    ya i hate the prices of adult nuk 5 pacifiers so expensive, and then when i break my toddler ones i have to buy them online since here in canada they dont sell latex pacifiers anymore Ive tried silicone and i dont like the feel plus i get a crack in them within 2 days. Latex is so much better but i gotta wait for them to come in mail when i order.

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