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    Default Hi I'm Alice

    Whoops my account became inactive, i've been busy and ended forgetting about this place, i should have bookmarked it (smacks face). Well i already made an intro, but i will repost it since it's been a long while and pretty much says it all already! ^-^


    My name is Alice and i am a trans girl, but i would appreciate it if people referred to me as female! I am not new to forums, though the format of this one is a little confusing so i may need help. I've been a member over at for a long time and they do have a section for people in the ABDL community, but in my opinion it's not enough, so that's why i'm checking out this site!

    I am more of an AB than a DL, for example, i like to be controlled and to be babied. I aslo like to feel little at times, i don't act like a toddler though, although i do like pacifiers and bottles and stuffed animals! ^_^

    As far as my other interests, i love video games, anime, mermaids, neko girls, all types of music, drawing, graphic design, reading and i'm a neko cat, i love cats!!! I am disabled but i still want to go to college and maybe find a job that i can do, i am not sure what i want to do, so i plan on auditing a few classes at my college.

    I mainly joined this site to meet new people, i need to talk with more people like me!

    I consider myself a decent artist and if anybody would like to see my art here is my deviantart account, AdorableFluff (Alice) on deviantART

    If anyone is interested in omorashi or would like to see my profile there, here is a link to that,

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    So apparently i accidentally logged into to an old account, which i didn't know i had and that's why it became inactive! My bad, moderators you can delete the account above, sorry about that.

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