I have had 2 time it could have gone Really Bad

The first time it happened was when I was in my early 20s. I was out hunting with my aunt and her boyfriend. We were traveling on a natural gas line though the mountains the line took a fast drop into a valley about 800 foot drop there was a small 3 foot berm before the drop.

I stopped about 20 feet before the berm set the brake and put it in part and we got out. The ground was grassy and dry I walked down in front of the truck to look over the edge and I didn’t even hear the truck sliding strait at me, my aunt screamed as I stepped back as l looked to see what was going on, as I did the truck slid by me I was on the driver side of the truck. The truck had about 5 feet before the berm as the truck when by I opened the door and put my hand on the brake petal. The truck stopped about a foot from going over the drop

If I didn’t step back when I heard the scream I would have gone for a bad ride down the drop.

The second time I was in my 30s we were camping in November up in the mountain at a fishing cabin the lake was frozen over there was 5 of us up there.

My friends were out fishing on the lake. I had snow shoes on I was playing off the lake in the deeper snow so I still had them on when I got back to the group to fish they all left before dark I was still fishing by myself About an hour later.

I started to head back to the cabin. I had snow shoes on and pulling a small inflatable boat with the fishing stuff on it and stuff for breaking the ice. As I was walking back to the camp the ice gave way and I went under the boat took off and I somehow got back up on the ice. I got the boat back and I didn’t lose my fishing stuff.

When I got back to the cabin everyone asked how come I was shocked, so I told them what happened after that we made share we knew were everyone was the rest of the week end.