Howdy ya'll. I am looking to make a few purchases and I am sincerely hoping that I can solicit some help from all you way more knowledgeable folks here.
First, I am looking to get a set of one-piece pajamas that have a zipper to close them instead of snaps and I would prefer that they didn't have feet in them. The print on them isn't really critical but a sort of babyish/younger print would be nice or even just a solid pink color is fine. If I can get them in fleece, that would be great.
I just attempted to purchase some "Spoiled" diapers from Rears Diaper Company and had problems which I was wondering if anyone else experienced as well. I selected the items that I wanted and gave all the required information to order, ship, and pay for everything by credit card and when I came to the submit information part, I hit the submit tab and the message "URL not found" came up immediately and the screen on my computer went blank except for the "URL not found" message.
Now, I admit that I consider myself to be computer stupid but i can't figure out just what in the bloody hell I am doing wrong? Has anybody else had a similar problem with ordering from them or is it just my ineptitude at using my computer? I was wondering, could it be because the company is Canadian and I live in the U.S. and perhaps there is some sort of protocol to be followed when submitting an order to a another country?
One last query. Has anyone heard any further updates regarding ABUniverse? I miss the Cushies diapers that I have purchased from them in the past. I know that they sold out to another firm and that the new owners have issued a statement that they are trying to get everything sorted out regarding on-hand stock, prior orders, and other things left in total disarray from the pervious owners, but I havent read anything more current from/about them at all.
So ok, I am sorry for such a long-winded post, but I have been fortunate enough to have other questions answered here by folks with a lot more knowledge than I possess about things. That is why I am so glad to belong to this site, because of everyone here. What a great group of people!!!