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Thread: What did you do before you had diapers?

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    Default What did you do before you had diapers?

    Most of us can't remember a time when we weren't having the desire (sexual or not) to wear diapers. So, we had to fulfill these desires in awkward ways as teenagers until we could drive or order online.

    In my teenage years (either 12 or 13) I started purposefully wetting the bed. My parents thought it was a combo of stress and growth, so they gave me Depends to wear at night. But, when I wanted to stop wetting, I found I couldn't... Until around the age of 15, my sophomore year in high school.

    So, what's your story? Did you have to do some trickery, or did you repress your feelings until you were out of high school or could start buying your own diapers?

    Note: I apologize if this has already addressed, but after a few searches I couldn't find anything. If there is a similar topic, could someone redirect me to it?

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    when i was about 4-5-6 years old we would get diaper samples in the mail and i would steal those before my parents could take them away and a few times i would ask them for it and one time they did buy some pull ups for me

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    I told my mom a few times when I was like 4-7 and on and off after that, she always use to say I'd get over it then forget I said anything lol.

    Anyway I use to line my underwear with toilet paper. Later I used paper towels. Then even later I used a towel that I cut to the shape of a diaper, and put snaps on.

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    I got really creative. It was a progressive thing. In elementary school I would use my t shirts and I would put it on like a diaper. Then later I found my old cloth prefolds and started putting them in my briefs. In high school I became very creative and used a towel, ducked tape, and a white trash bag to go over it. I would even print cute pictures out like mickey mouse and Barney and use clear packaging tape to put on the front of the trash bag. Rewinding Back in 3rd grade I had a neighborhood friend who also liked diapers and being babied so He would use one of my old diaper covers and would put it on me when we had sleepovers. He was the first Ab/DL individual I ever met and he lived 2 houses down. He was a year older than me. Heck we even put our money together and we went to a garage sale and we bought a bottle. I to this day have no idea where it went.

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    When I was 4 we had some spare diapers kept in a spare room and every morning before people woke up I'd go in and put one on, my mother would always rip them off me and eventually they threw the rest away. Then I remember having a chance when we were staying in our holiday home, which our cousins used as well, at the time my youngest was about 1.5-2 years and they had left some diapers in the room I was staying in and I tried them on. When I was 8 I tried to make my own by putting about 10 pairs of underwear on put I wet straight through them. Then it wasn't really again until I was 12 I kept telling my mother that I wanted diapers and we went and bought some. Since then I, alone, have bought them.

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    I bought them off of other kids at my school, they had younger siblings and I would give them all my pocket money just to have even one diaper. Eventually they quite selling to me so I had had to get creative and invent a solution, I decided on white hefty trash bags (back when they still had that weird diamond texture on them since this was like, 2002ish or so). Around 2003 I decide to become strict furry and had to figure out an even harder question, getting a fursuit (or making one).

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    My mom and I honestly had an unspoken understanding, so I just about always had diapers

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    As I stated on my intro, I would take all of my underwear and put them on as a makeshift diaper, then I found some old towels that weren't being used and would fashion them into a makeshift diaper. Lock was on my side because I never got caught,

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    I mostly fantasized. Every few months, I'd try something when I was younger and I cycled through a lot of the standard ones. I tried putting a bunch of toilet paper in my undies once, I tried wearing a whole bunch of pairs of underwear a couple times. During teenage years I probably wet a single pair of underwear maybe once every three months.

    I was okay with just thinking about it and indulging very rarely for a long time, even through college. I never wanted to involve a roommate or risk discovery.

    It was amazing once I finally had them though.

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    During my teens I was (still am) into wetting as much as diapers. Unlike the original poster, I couldn't bring myself to purposely wet (pants or bed) leaving my folks think it was an accident. Not that I had scruples, far from it, I simply feared moms reaction.

    My outlet for wetting during that period took two forms. First, when home alone for an extended period Id wet and then quickly wash & dry whatever before anyone returned. There were close calls, but as far as I know no one knew. Second and more frequent was simulated wetting. Id pour warm water in my pants or bed pretending an accident. With water there was no telltale stain or aroma allowing me to get away with this "wetting" while others were around. Remember once mom wondered why the crotch of my pants was wet. I quickly dismissed it as spilled water and she let it go.

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