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Thread: do you believe?

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    Default do you believe?

    So I wasn't sure whether to post this here or in the mature topics, so here we go.

    I'm going to be honest I'm a firm believer in the paranormal, cryptids, the concept of intelegent life outside our galaxy, and even outside our plane of existence.

    I have mild paranormal experiences almost on a daily basis, in fact they've been so frequent for so long they don't even make me jump anymore I just don't question it.

    And I'm not the only one having them. My moms had a few, my mate has them almost as much if not more then I do. Anything from items moving, doors opening and closing, scratching on the walls, shadow figuars, and voices.

    I know there are those of you who don't believe in this kind of thing, and that's fine, we are all entitled to our own opinions, but for those who believe, truly believe I will share my personal experiences, and you all are free to share yours as well.

    Disembodied voices I've been hearing most my life, they always sound like my mom, or dad, sometimes my mate.

    When I was around 5-7 I lived in a little 3 bedroom trailer home, there was an empty bedroom right next to mine, but it was furnished for guests, every day I'd see someone sitting on the foot of the bed, but only during the day.

    When I was around 13-15 I woke up one Sunday morning to see my grandmother walk down the hall of the house, she had been dead for 2 years

    When I was 17 I was taking a shower in a trailer my family was renting, it was like 11 at night, and I heardva woman screaming like she was being murdered right next to me

    I would hear voices and footsteps in my ex wives moms house

    After my incident when I was 17 I refused to shower without background noise, so I always used music. Well about July of last year, I was taking a shower, blaring some deathcore music, all of a sudden my music got very quiet, it got very cold, then I heard a woman's voice say my name through my speaker, then the music turned itself back up

    Ever since that night the paranormal activity hasn't stopped in my current house

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    It sounds like you're a sensitive. I used to be and still am to some extent. I've told my experience many times on this site, so I'll shorten it. When I was a freshman in college, my best friend came home with me for a weekend, because I had related to him some very strange occurrences in my and my parents' house. He has remarkable ESP abilities so we had a lot in common.

    He brought his Ouija board and we waited until midnight to use it. My bedroom was the entire attic of an old Cape Cod house along Toms River, N. J. We hadn't been drinking and we had never done drugs. At midnight we started playing, and said all the things that silly 17 year old boys say, "Is there a spirit here, etc." The plastic planchete was moving all over the board and I of course, thought he was moving it. Later he would tell me he thought I was moving it.

    Finally he said, "Well if there's a spirit here, show yourself, god damn it!" There was a wall and doorway that separated the two room in the upstairs attic rooms, the door being open. Suddenly, a full figured ghost appeared, that of a man. It was that detailed, and in it's center, we could see a full skeletal structure. It floated toward us, passing through my left half and through all of him as it took a right turn and floated into and through the wall. Where it went through me, I was ice cold. My friend told me he was entirely cold.

    We had a habit of writing down our experiences because we often thought the same things, so we wrote down what we saw and we both described the same thing. Many years later I reminded him of that scary incident and he recounted exactly what I'm saying and remembering every detail, even though this happened in 1966. We both felt that whatever it was, was evil, and wanted our souls. I was petrified to go to sleep in that room, and when I married my wife and brought her home to my parents for the first time, we slept in that bed. I still had to close that door, something I did ever after that experience.

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    I really enjoyed paranormal stuff more when I was really little. For me it was more of enjoying a good ghost story.

    I don't personally believe in any of it tho. I did believe when I was younger. However, I do understand that people do have experiences that they can't explain.

    I'm currently living in my Grandparents old farm house. I live here by myself, & it really confuses many in my family that do believe in paranormal stuff. They'll always ask me if I see / hear / feel anything. But I've never really seen anything.

    For a time, I was a big fan of paranormal TV shows ("Sightings" in the 90's & various "Ghost Hunter" shows). I stopped watching, the more I saw scientific equipment being improperly used for "evidence". Or seeing unsupported conclusions, or a whole bunch of other things that started to annoy me that were being done incorrectly.

    I do have a few stories from when I was younger. I'll try to remember one to share.

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    I believe that space is far too large for it to be empty. If it is its creator is a VERY boring person.

    I believe ghosts probably exist, but I'm pretty skeptic about the rest. -shrugs- I'm more of a "I have to see to believe" kind of person.

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    As for paranormal, I really don't know. There is a lot of anecdotal evidence out there to support it, but whenever an 'expert' is called in, they know 100% about how to track paranormal and have no peer reviewed studies or even a control to say that one reading is something other than normal.

    As for intelligent life outside our galaxy, yeah I am willing to bet there is but I don't think any of them have been here. The universe is so huge that we are only seeing parts of it as it was millions of years ago. Even if we did receive a signal from who knows where, there is no guarantee we would recognize it, and sending a response would only take a several thousand years to get back to the source.

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    There has been several threads on this in the past. So I will warn you now that expect to get some not nice responses.

    I have the ability to see things before it happens. Never anything like winning lottery numbers, but instead visions for two weeks that did not make since until it actually happened and I was seeing the events around an accident that I was hit from behind by a car.

    I have also seen some things that I know are visions, but have not happened yet. I seriously hope they do not, because the one was/is the start of the world war in the 2020's.

    I have been looking into the mathematics behind it, but it has gotten harder because it is into higher level differential equations that I have only looked at in passing and not studied.

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    I do believe in the paranormal and that there is definitely life/intelligence beyond our world. For myself, I have only had one minor experience with the paranormal, that happening at a former girlfriend's apartment. The experience left me ice-cold and shivering just as if something made if ice had just passed through me and chilled me to the very marrow of my bones.

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    I believe... that if one believes enough, it manifests as true...

    I'm no seer, yet I have sometimes uncanny intuition... I also see enough frightening things far more tangible, that can't evaporate through a wall (for better or worse)... After that, once again... I do not presume to know... that it is or is not at all, of the various realities I may keep for myself... any sort of Universal truth... I wouldn't think to convince one, for that which they are not inclined...

    Enjoy your stay...

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    Quote Originally Posted by egor View Post
    There has been several threads on this in the past. So I will warn you now that expect to get some not nice responses.
    Thanks for the heads up. People are going to say what they're going to say, and can be quite cruel, but if someone is so pathetic that they have to talk sh*t to feel big, then they aren't worth the time of day, and I won't give em mine.

    As for your visions, your not the first I've heard of, and I've heard stranger

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    It's ignorant to think we are the only life in the galaxy, there has to be something where we can't see and it probably thinks the same about us.

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