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Thread: Laptop Keyboard Problem

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    Angry Laptop Keyboard Problem

    Well I am having issues.

    My laptop (Toshiba Satellite) sometimes has issues with the keyboard. For example, when I want to put quotation marks, if I`m typing too fast, and I click the shift+quotation mark, it will come out as a funky looking E. Then I can`t get it to seem to go back. Now, it`s doing it again. But it`s not the e. If you look at my post, all my apostrophes are funky looking, it`s not right. Then if I go to do a quotation mark, nothing shows, and the next two times I hit the space bar it comes out as two apostrophes. It`s soo odd and I`m getting really ticked off, lol.

    Any suggestions (I can`t post a question mark)

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    what type of laptop do you have, because there might be basic driver updates. It doesn't hurt to look up on google, try like "model of laptop keyboard drivers" but thats not the best way to find out what is wrong with the laptop

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    I`ve tried that. My laptop is only about a month old. And It`s a Toshiba Satellite. Next thing is to call Customer Support I guess. :P

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    weird, i would probably call customer support or see if they have an online help.

    Also, for grins and giggles, check your language and region settings. I don't know how you want it set up, but I would check anyways.

    Vista its under (Control Panel\Clock, Language, and Region)

    Not sure where under xp (it you downgraded to xp), and im assuming you are running windows

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    Control Panel\Clock, Language, and Region

    you can paste that into exploer, not sure if you caught that in my previous post

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    Sounds like you have the windows version of dead keys. They let you type accented characters by pressing certain sequences of keys. You probably want to turn that off :P.

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    Okay well I logged off, and now it's working again, see! ?? woot! "yes" ... lol just had to do the quotation marks and question mark xD

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