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Thread: Anyone Else Dadless?

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    Question Anyone Else Dadless?

    Like did anyone else grow up without a father (of course it's common, but I'm not sure I've ever met someone on here without a dad). I would think that since AB is all about reliving childhood it would be more common to have people without fathers or mothers. Personally I never had a dad, I mean I had a dad, but I never knew him and still have never met him. For that reason I guess I gravitate more to a strong fatherly theme in my roleplays, because I never had a father as a child. I always tried to find fatherly figures in my life when I was younger but they were never what I hoped they would be. Eventually I did find a nice friend who was a man (7-11 clerk), but he was just that, a friend who had a childlike side to him. I want to make it clear that I'm perfectly happy with my life and wouldn't change a thing, I'm just curious if there's anyone else on here who's dadless.

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    I once had a dad, and a mom, Then my biological mom, abandoned us, so I lived with my dad who eventually got marred to a mom that was a total jerk, Then my mom and my dad abandoned us at a treatment center where my grandma adopted us, I haven't heard from my dad since middle school, and my mom since high school, but I did find the lord and found friends, went to collage, found god, found this site and am trying to do good in my life. still I will get through this.

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    My father pasted away when I was 17. He was sick and in denial most of my life. By sick I mean he had a bad pneumonia when I was 4 and shortly after that he found out he was diabetic and did not take 100% care of it. HE developed Emphysema shortly after that. So he was always having breathing issues.

    To cut to the chase. For most of my life he was an absolute bear to live with. However I do have the good memories of the times he was "fatherly" to me.
    Now in 20/20 hind sight I can see that most of the fights in the house was my mothers doings and now that I have kids of my own I realize that I sound like my dad. I have to stop when I am chastising the kids for "doing dumb stuff" and realize that they are being kids and testing boundaries and also just seeing why they can't do things until the wrong outcome happens and it was/is why dads get upset.

    I miss him so much at times.
    Something that my high school Sociology teacher said and ha bothered me to this day is "children do not commit there Fathers voice to memory until they reach there 20's and recognize there mothers voice almost immediately after birth". I can not remember my dads voice except some smatterings of him yelling.

    The other thing I live with and regret is the last thing I ever sad to him was in a fight and I have never been able to apologize. No mater how hard I cry and scream I am sorry, I will never be told I was forgiven.

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    I had my Papa (grandpa) up til his passing when I was 10. He's the only father figure I've ever truly known and I wouldn't change it for the world. I have a step dad but we're not close and I never intend to be.

    My mom found my bio-dad on Facebook when I was 15. She sat me down and told me about it and him. Explained to me that he would like to talk if I was open to it and so I went for it. We talked for a few weeks off/on when I finally asked him "why?". I wanted to know (despite him confessing that he knew where I live) why he never tried to contact me or become apart of my life. That's when the fight started and it ended with him calling me an "ungrateful bitch".

    Needless to say I stopped talking to him right then and there. Didn't tell anyone for the reason behind us not talking until last year, didn't want to bug people with my problems. The bio-dad tried to talk to me soon after I told everyone and my mom had it out with him. So yeah, I've wiped my hands clean from that bastard.

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    My mother and father had a bitter divorce when I was 7. Of course, back in the 1970's, there was no thought of Dad being able to be a better parent than mom when it came to custody, so she got full custody of my sister and I. Dad was an airline pilot and was away a lot of the time, but the times we were able to spend with him he was a wonderful father. I would much rather have grown up living with him than with my mother.

    My father is still around, and I'm grateful for all the things he's taught me and even little things like being there for his grandchildren. My mother, OTOH, is someone I no longer have a relationship with.

    Any time you have to live life without one parent it is difficult.

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    Quote Originally Posted by egor View Post
    The other thing I live with and regret is the last thing I ever sad to him was in a fight and I have never been able to apologize. No mater how hard I cry and scream I am sorry, I will never be told I was forgiven.
    Listen to your heart. He's in there. He loves you, and wants you to know that he understands, and he does forgive you :-)

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